Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I was expecting company from Pennsylvania to arrive this week … but circumstances prevented the visit. I’m trying to not be blue. I’ve crammed the coming days with activity.

I’m having “the girls” for dinner tomorrow night … and I’m NOT READY.

Well – that’s not quite true.

I’ve bought the food.

I just need to fold the laundry – clean my kitchen AGAIN – cook AGAIN tonight, and dust mop the living room.

Friday I’m going to dinner with friends, then going to listen to SPOT play.

Saturday I’m having another couple over for dinner.

Sunday I’m going to serve dinner for the MYF High School students.

It’s NOT like I don’t have stuff to keep me busy. I won’t just be sitting around.

So I’m not going to be blue.

I think I’ll be cerulean instead.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Gosh darnit...I wanted to be Cerulean!!!


Well, okay, in that case...I'll be Faded Salmon.