Sunday, November 23, 2008

On the Seventh Day

On the seventh day he rested from all his work, and so did Mit. (Genesis 2.2 revised and unusual)

I awoke and thought after church I’d finish a few things around the house. Make the cornbread for the stuffing I’ll take to work on Tuesday for our Thanksgiving lunch. Get the laundry off the guest bed. Do some filing. Attend a meeting – serve dinner for the youth at church again.

Instead – I skipped out on the second service and came home and took a nap. When I woke up – I warmed up some leftovers and read the Sunday paper.

I attended the meeting. Prepped the chili dinner at church – and left it to others to serve it.

I came home, picked up a book, warmed up some Chile Verde for my dinner, and now I’m heading back to that warm and cozy bed. I’ll read a little bit – then return to slumber land.

ps: I really, really, really love corn tortillas. I love them freshly handmade and warm. I love them fried 'till they shatter. I love them sweet and pliable to sop up chile. I have no idea why anyone would like a flour tortilla. They are doughy and ball up in your mouth. They don't have a whole lot of flavor ... unless they're toasted. Still - they do not begin to compare to the sweet and wholesome goodness of stone ground corn masa patted into a golden disk of sweetness.


Anonymous said...

One of our perfect days last fall was sitting at a little place for lunch in San Diego, right next to a woman making homemade corn tortillas. Mmmm, it's hard to go wrong . . . Do you make your own then? I can't find anything remotely similar or even worthwhile in packages.

How the heck have you been anyway?

Anonymous said...

Why the heck don't grocery stores in NC sell corn tortillas? I mean, what exactly is up with that??


Anonymous said...

Have you ever eaten a warm flour tortilla with butter smeared all over it and running down your wrist ? Yummmm yes - tp

G Liz said...

Good for you, Mit!!! I am so glad you took some time for YOU! Those are the best days of all!!!

I miss you!

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