Sunday, November 16, 2008

Southern Conversion

My dinner group is meeting tonight. Last month we met here at my house and I made Beef in Guinness with Puff Pastry. The couple who brought the appetizers made Filipino Lumpia Rolls. Another couple brought a cake made in a CrockPot. It tasted good … but once again, you had to close your eyes ‘cause it looked NOTHING like cake.

That same couple is hosting this month. They are making "Chicken and Slick" ... aren't you envious? Actually - it's some bastardized version of Chicken and Dumplings. Except they flatten out the dumplings. SOME PEOPLE (who are insane) call them noodles. HA! They are wide and flat ... and puffy and slicker-y on the outside from being boiled in the chicken broth. Chicken and Slick is very southern.

I am bringing the vegetables. I'm doing my part and making TURNIP GREENS. I was dubious about how they'd turn out ... but I just now tasted them. NOT BAD. I might have to turn in my "native Californian" card though. I used HOG JOWLS ... and diced turnips ... and red pepper flakes ... and some diced union to make them. And I'm trying to make sure I have enough "pot liquor" left over for everyone to enjoy.

I'm also bringing sweet potato wedges ... these will be "city-girl" or "California-style" ... certainly NOT SOUTHERN. I'm coat them in olive oil with cumin, thyme, sea salt, and crushed red pepper flakes. If I get really ambitious I might made a garlic aioli to dip the wedges in.

Got to rush if I'm going to be on time.


Anonymous said...

I hope, when you come home, you do plan to bring some of your Southern Hosts recipes to share with us ! You do plan to cook, don't you ??? *o* The cookless hostess - tp

Anonymous said...

I saw Nan J. today and she was talking about "Dolma" rolls. Same procedure, but they use lamb. It all sounds delicious. tp again