Thursday, November 06, 2008

110608_Ache and Gather

I woke at 4:30 this morning with a blinding headache. I have no idea why. I had only one glass of wine after a church meeting last night - and was in bed before ten o'clock. At first I thought I'd go workout in spite of it when I woke this morning,  but when I got out of bed - I thought I was going to get sick. I took two aspirin - and prayed that the hour would go quickly 'till they kicked in. At seven o'clock I slithered to the living room and got my cell phone. I called my boss and mumbled something - then took two more aspirin and went back to bed.

At eleven o'clock I was still thinking someone had put my head in a vice or was sticking ice picks in my forehead. I ate some breakfast - took yet MORE aspirin and went back to bed.

The yard people woke me at two o'clock. Headache gone. I made some Miso soup - and lay down for a while. At 3:30 I got into the shower - and now I am half- heartedly picking up the house before friends show up for dinner that we planned more than a month ago.

I am SO GLAD I made dinner a community effort - and that I am only making a simple pork tenderloin with apples and apple cider sauce. They are bringing the appetizer, salad, side and dessert. I was afraid I'd have to cancel the whole thing altogether ...

As it was, we had great food and great conversation. A spinach salad with smoked almonds, brie, apples and cranberries, roasted new potatoes with rosemary, and a chiffon banana cake with chocolate ganache for dessert. Not to mention the stellar wines they selected to go with each course.

Another hit at Chez Mit.

Speaking of hit, the headache has returned – so I’m off to slumberland and see if I can sleep it away.

Night all!

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