Wednesday, October 22, 2008

If You're Around Long Enough

you’ll see you create

Warmth and success and love

Happy Birthday Talla Paula


Too Tall and Mit

ps: Too Tall is my sibling - and Talla Paula is the woman who unleashed us on this earth (with help from the Original Box Mitter).


Anonymous said...

How did you do that ???? Thank you both so much for the surpise at the end of my birth day. I couldn't believe that was both of you, at first !!!! This is just sooo exciting - I'll try to print this picture - somehow !!!! And here I thought you'd both forgotten - not ! Love you both, tp

Anonymous said...

It's somebody's birthday,
I wonder who.
It's somebody's birthday,
In that room near you.
So look all around,
until you see who.
She's laughing,
She's smiling!
My goodness,
It's YOU!!

Happy Birthday Talla Paula!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you allie - every wish is appreciated !!! Even at my age ! tp

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mit's Mom!!!!

The Watts family

Anonymous said...

thank you all for those happy thoughts. tp

Anonymous said...

I wuz duk hunting and missed da hole ting. Thanks Mit for helping me out.

Too Tall