Monday, September 08, 2008

Elixer of the Gods'

Two to three times a week, IH824, will be guest blogging. She's going to give us a glimpse of life in today's rural south.

Here is her inaugural post.


You know that you may have a problem when you plan your meals around what cocktail you intend to serve. My specialty is my “Not so Guilty Margaritas”.

At our single wide on Lake Chicot, we often have gatherings on the back porch overlooking the lake. There, the problems of the world are solved. We manage to put somebody in the White House, we discuss the current agricultural situation, we talk about fishing, who has built a new house or dock on the lake, who bought a new boat this year, who had to leave their boat on the trailer ‘cause they couldn’t afford the gas to run it, who’s doing what they shouldn’t be, what their kids and mama’s have been up to, and most importantly, did Keith at the Green Top Liquor remember to order that Orange Curacao for our margaritas because they taste so much better made with it than they do with Triple Sec?!

We often sit out on that porch in the evening before the mosquitoes get too bad and chase us inside. We listen to the soft hum of the “Margarator” and can tell by the change in pitch that the frosty beverages are ready. We start licking our chops in anticipation!

There’s usually company there. We’ve had friends from Minnesota to Corpus Christi, from Amelia Island, FL, Daphne, AL, Overland Park, KS, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Mississippi, and the Carolinas, and of course, let’s not leave out the local friends who pull their boats up to the dock and yell, “You got the Margarator running?”

Good friends, conversations, food, and beverages. Life is good on the back porch and the Nectar of the Gods is so much better!

Not So Guilty Margaritas

1 tub Crystal Lite Lemonade Mix

¾ c Splenda

1 bottle Realime Juice

1 c Triple Sec (or Orange Curacao)

2 c gold tequila

Pour everything into a gallon container and finish filling with water. (Use less water for frozen margaritas.) These are also good over the rocks with a lime wedge.


Anonymous said...

Sorry you live so far away, iH824 - or we'd be right over ! tp

I H8 24 said...

You would be so welcome!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Youall,
A note interest might be that Mit's grandfather was born in Blue Eye in 1905. He learned to wear shoes by the time he was nineteen. I don't remember much about the event of his birth because that was a little over twenty five before my birth. (Grin)

Anonymous said...

I dig the scenic pictures. Those are the kind of places I need to rest my weary head at!