Friday, August 29, 2008

Delta Daze

Already I can feel my blood slowing to molasses, my heart beat relaxing to a gentle ebb and flow like the Delta tide, while my mind turns to grits. I am not complaining one bit.

We drove from Memphis to the lake (trailer)house here on the Arkansas/Mississippi boarder last night. (For G.Liz ... it is the best SW evah) Dinner was grilled chicken wings and ... beer - because we'd filled up on Rendezvous ribs in Memphis for lunch. Once I new the coffee pot was set up, I trundled off to bed to dream of a lazy morning and strong coffee.

You can imagine how disoriented I was when IH824 showed up in my room about an hour after I'd fallen asleep. Touching me on the shoulder, I shot out of my bed with a start. "Shhh - I didn't mean to startle you she told me, but the neighbor just called - and someone is breaking into their house ... I'm plugging in the halogen light."

Clearly ... she did more than startle me ... I was still trying to figure out who'd touched me, where I was sleeping, and what direction the door was before I could process her words. "What the sh*i??" is what I think I said.

She said, "I'm going back into our room where Mr. Fish is, you gonna stay here?"

Because I am a HUGE 'FRAIDY CAT ... I quickly scrambled out of bed and followed her to the other end of the house ... where Mr. Fish was loading the shot gun. "Don't lay on the shells," he told me as I slid under the covers.

When I heard the sheriff's department were on their way - I went back to my room and to sleep.

Waking up about seven thirty in the morning I found that my suitcase and laptop were still in the house, and WE hadn't been robbed in the middle of night. The sounds of snoring met me as I turned on the coffee pot, so I returned to my room to luxuriate in the freedom to read for an hour or so before the house began to stir. Of course, I was forgetting about Buddy Love, my favorite Black Lab, who shortly crawled into bed with me - after his swishing tail swept pictures and nicknack's off the bedside table.

Slowly the rest of the house awoke. I made a tomato omelet and toast for breakfast - and by lunch time IH824 and I were off for the metropolis of Greenville to do our grocery shopping. We returned with enough food to feed the entire lake. Too bad they're not invited to join us.

After unpacking the groceries, we relaxed with margaritas as we made mini-coconut cream pies and a banana coconut pudding for our dessert. Next on the cooking list we whipped out some Weight Watchers (because clearly we're going to watch our waists expand this weekend) Spinach/Feta Cheese Filo dough triangles for our appetizers.

Sitting on the deck as the sun set we watched the ducks swim under the dock picking at the field corn - while Chester, the white Egret, move from Cypress tree to dock watching over the flock as we munched on the triangles.

Mr. Fish is always convinced I am going to slip him some BAD TASTING "City Food" on each visit. He waited until IH8T24 and I had sampled two each, before he tried his first one. After the fourth, and out of IH824's hearing he said, "These things are really good, aren't they?" Laughing, I called him an "ass*ole" asking him, "When did I last cook something for you that wasn't good?"

Grinning he grabbed another one and split it with Buddy Love.

Of course, there were no complaints from this quarter, as I saw him put the 2 inch think tenderloin fillets go onto the grill. It seemed only moments later we were sitting down to dinner with baked potatoes, Doe's green salad, and French bread. I can tell you, Mr. Grassi, of the Food Bank, in Lake Village sure has a lot to be proud of ... those were the best tasting fillets I've had in a while.

Sitting here, writing this up, we've just had a brief scare. The neighbor thought the buglers had returned. Clearly we should all be paying attention to the BUDDY LOVE ALARM System. You can see how he's protecting us.

I know the only reason for a return visit is because they've heard we're having French Toast casserole for breakfast in the morning. Clearly they are wanting to taste some "city food" too.


Joseph H. said...

What does Buddy Love like to watch on TV? ;)

mamie said...

Hope those burglers will let you get some sleep. Relax (I hope)!

G Liz said...

Mit! Sounds like (despite the burglar scares) you are having a relaxing and wonderful vacation.

Pleeeeeeeease...send pictures of the SW! It sounds fabulous!!!! Trailer Fabulous!!!!!!!!!

Lova ya!

I H8 24 said...

Buddy Love likes to watch Paula Deen on the Food Network, Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, and the weekly fishing shows. As you can tell, he's ready to "spring into action" at a moment's notice!! He "LOVES his Ms. Mitty" and is so proud to have her here!!!