Tuesday, August 19, 2008


24 hours in Phoenix – and I did it all. Or at least all that could be done.

I flew in from El Paso (Monday's destination) and landed last night at 5:30.

Just in time to participat in rush-hour traffic on I-10.

Then I drove down to the “wide spot” formally known as Casa Grande.


They have a STARBUCKS! (actually 4)

They have a Harkin’s 13 movie theater!

They have a DILLARD'S, TARGET, and a Best Buy.

I am sure aliens have absconded with the little town of 15,000 that I left behind in 1999.

This morning I went through Filberto’s and had a Machacca breakfast burrito. One of my clients brought me rolled tacos from Little Sombrero for our mid-morning snack.

For lunch we went to Ochoa’s – I had a green chicken ranchero, burnt with no onions. And a soft taco; ground beef. A small bowl of beans for dipping.

I didn’t get to see my former, most favorite boss in the whole wide world, but I did get to speak to him on the phone. Twice.

I spent last night with my best friend. I got to see her two children. My “niece” and “nephew”.

My niece is the happiest, bubbliest, cutest, funny, sarcastic, witty 13 year old I have ever met. Her enthusiasm about my arrival (and everything else in this world) was overwhelming.

Her mother – as usual – kept me in stitches.

At one point she said, “Sarahita asked me if she could come spend the summer with you … I told her … YES. Do you want her for one month or two?”

There was a long silence on my part. Then she said, “Oh … okay fine. I’ll come too!”

My nephew … OMG, today was his 22nd birthday. I remember him as a five year old dressed in a tuxedo for a wedding. Now he’s over 6 foot 2. He’s working as a short order cook – and getting his EMT license.

He came by to see me. He asked his mom if it was ok if he brought his girlfriend to meet me. She said, “Honey, she’s your girlfriend. If you want her to meet your Aunty Mitty – that’s your business, not mine."

She is close to "our" age and has three children. One of her daughters is my niece's best friend.

My friend kept saying, “I always WANTED grandkids … and I wasn’t too thrilled about the idea of changing diapers again … but my God … now we’ve just skipped the toddler stage to saving for college educations!!”

I dunno. I guess the bottom line is happiness. And an ability to communicate and appreciate each other. I want ever is best for him and that won't break his heart.

Now I’m back in the airport waiting for my flight to Vegas – then I drive down to the Mohave Valley tonight.

Somehow 24 hours in Phoenix is more like torture than a reward for this grueling schedule.


Anonymous said...

OMG - I can't believe those kids are that old now !!!!!!!! And a Starbucks in Casa Grande - no way !!! Do they have new housing developments, too ?? I just can't picture that !

If those two come out to Raleigh next year, you'll have to take DAYS OFF while they are there !!!!
You can't possibly go at their speed and work, too !!!!! *o*

What are you doing in the Mojave Valley ??? Do you have a client there ? There's a "new" area that's been designated "The Mojave Preserve" that starts in Needles and runs West through the New York Mtns. where my cousin, Carle & Virg. have their summer place, "Pinto Ranch". You would enjoy a trip thru there sometime, too. Pretty high desert country - an old railroad station, some abandoned buildings, a stone house, etc.

Can't wait - see you Thurs. aft/eveng. If we don't see Megan, tell her hello for us, please ! tp

Bob said...

When I was 17 and a freshman in college, I dated (and fell in love with) a 31 year-old. She was in the middle of a divorce and also had 2 kids. It lasted a year. my first true love!

back then we didn't know from cougars or milfs.

I hope it works out for your nephew.

Ally said...

HAHAHAHAHA...Okay first of all, Bob's comment about cougars and MILFs just made me giggle out loud...I almost spewed out my Diet Pepsi from laughing so hard! That was classic!

Second of all...I am SO jealous that you get to go to Vegas. I've always wanted to go. Actually, that was one of my wedding ideas...going to Vegas to elope. But Doug wanted something more traditional and formal, and Momma A would have had my head on a stick. So that idea was shot down.

Anyways, have a great time in Vegas, Mit! Say hello to Wayne Newton and Barry Manilow for me!!