Saturday, July 19, 2008

There are times ...

when I have such an amazing evening or experience - I wish you all lived here with me - so I could share it.

My life is so full - and so many wonderful/nice things happen to me - I almost feel guilty - that there is no one to share these subliminal moments with me. Instead, I'll try to recount them here.

Months ago, I had agreed to cook for/with some friends. The designated night had been canceled/moved twice. Today was the worst day I could imagine to have a social engagement. I have work that's on a deadline and not done. I have made a commitment for tomorrow that I very much want to keep - but cooking tonight puts that in jeopardy. As always I feel guilty for taking time for me - and leaving a project incomplete.

After a stern talk with myself about balance, nourishment, and restoration - I head off for the cooking gig.

When I arrive, I'm slightly "wound-up". A half-hour alone with the host and hostess to share the craziness that is my life - brings me back down to earth's orbit.

With much laughter, wine, and camaraderie, the five of us prepare the meal I've orchestrated.

We sit down to eat. The men sit in silence as the food moves from their plate to their mouths.

Finally one of them says, "I never thought to cook chicken like that. I made this?"

The other just nods his head - and continues to attack his corn on the cob.

In time, kudos are exchanged for the grilled squash and tomato/lemon salad. Dessert of berries and Grand Marnie is the perfect ending.

Throughout the dinner the conversation is spiced with historical, political and social commentary. Bright minds and people surround me.

Leaving for home - the most gorgeous full moon lights my way. I want to call everyone and make sure they see it and share the beauty before me; but once again my cell phone only connects with Mars and not earth.

You may not believe in my God, but I cannot help but be thankful He's in my life and gives me evenings like tonight. Life is amazing. Tonight is luminescent. Even though you are not here to share it, you are in my heart and on my mind.

"greater than three",


Photo Credit: Mamie


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you needed the peaceful evening after all you've been thru this past week. You'll get the rest done much faster and with more enthusiasm, now !! And maybe even revise your committments ??? tp

G Liz said...

I agree with TP!

I am so glad you had such a wonderful night!!! Even with my Grandaddy in the hospital this week, I've been surrounded by so much of my family and loved ones, I have felt so blessed as well...and at night, I'd go to bed thanking God for the wonderful life he's granted me.

I'm so happy that you, too, feel so blessed. You needed the time you took for 'you' last night!!!!!


I H8 24 said...

You were "wound up" from last week and needed the time to "unwind". You will do fine this week, you always do!! God has truly blessed your life and He's given you some really great friends to share it with.

mamie said...

Your writing is moving me. Keep it up! Love you