Saturday, June 21, 2008

With a Banjo on my Knee

(Or I’m Going to Alabama with Pete in the Car Beside Me!)

So yep. Tomorrow I fly out for Montgomery. Hot-Sauce-Pete, lucky Hot-Sauce, will be traveling with me. It’s his first time to meet and greet the “everyday folk” who are our customers.

It will be a rigorous trip. Seriously – here’s the map.

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Good things I’m looking forward to on this trip:


We get to have lunch with M.O.T.O.R and D.O.T.O.R. at Ezell’s Fish Camp.

We’re going to go to a “great dive bar” Monday night while we wait to pick up the GM at the airport. (As soon as I know the name of the bar (read, Monday night after I’ve already been there), I’ll let you know it too.


We begin by calling on a corporate client in Montgomery. They have an AMAZING art collection.

The collection consists of art in various media and from many countries. It includes paintings, watercolors, Chinese scrolls, woodcuts, etchings and engravings. Some of the artists represented in the collection include Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, Winslow Homer, Thomas Hart Benton, Edward Hopper, Maurice Prendergast, Andrew Wyeth, and Willem de Kooning.

After dropping the GM off at the airport Tuesday afternoon, Hot-Sauce-Pete and I will head down to Gulf Shores. Dinner that night will be at Lulu’s, because Pete-my-Boy has a serious addiction to all things Jimmy Buffet. After dinner – if we’re not dead-dog tired, we’ll go to the Flora-Bama Lounge, because we are white trash. Or like laughing at white trash. Or maybe like to get trashed, looking at white skin? Anyway – yes. Must go to the Flora-Bama.


I don’t know – Wednesday has lots of driving. My dad’s old boss lives in Andalusia. It’s our last call on Wednesday. Maybe we can meet up with him and say “hi” before heading on up to our hotel in Eufaula. I think the only fun thing about Eufaula is saying the name.


We call on six clients – beginning in Eufaula and ending in Mobile. Maybe we’ll grab a great dinner in Daphne … that might be the highlight of Thursday. Unless we stop back at the Flora-Bama or Lulu’s on the way to our hotel.


Hot-Sauce-Pete would tell you the best thing about Friday is we’ll be heading home. I’d say both the clients we’re calling on that day are “the best things”. Plus, I won’t be spending the night in Monroeville, AL. (this trip).

Overall – the trip is clocking in at 1590 miles, and that’s without mileage for lunches or dinner – or any other detours – which will inevitably happen. With such a schedule – and so much driving – and having Hot-Sauce with me, I doubt I’ll be around the ‘net very much. So *waves bu-bye*!

PS: I do have a post planned for tomorrow. After that – I’ll see ya next Saturday!

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