Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Can You Hear Me Now?

So – Monday …

We were to meet M.O.T.O.R (Mother-of-the-Other-Redhead) and D.O.T.O.R. (Dad-of-the-Other-Redhead) for lunch.

The place on the river, Ezell’s is CLOSED ON MONDAYS. *sigh*.

We parked at the entrance road and I tried to call M.O.T.O.R.

My cell phone had no signal to call out – and M.O.T.O.R.’s had no signal to receive them damn call.

But “stupid” (term meant as a loving endearment) Hot Sauce Pete had a signal. I used his phone to call and tell them we were waiting for them at the river. Of course, lack of a signal makes it hard to pick up messages. Waited about 20 minutes. No M.O.T.O.R and D.O.T.O.R - so Hot Sauce and I drove into town.

Hot Sauce Pete said, "What do they drive?"

"A big truck. I think it's red. A Ram charger. Maybe it's white."

We all finally found cell phone signals and reached each other. I told them we were at the “Whistle Stop Café” in Butler, meet us there.

When they finally showed up, they were in a brown extended cab GMC. *sigh*

After lunch, M.O.T.O.R and D.O.T.O.R, went home while Hot Sauce Pete and I called on our last client of the day. I was happy with the way all three customer visits went. They were all happy to see me, were thrilled with one of Hot Sauce’s programming additions, and complimentary about the company. No bitching (so far this trip).

It’s also fun to describe the clients to Hot Sauce before we meet with them, then see how close I was after the meeting in nailing there descriptions.

Our first client I named “Sausage Woman” – cause she’s short and kind of packed into her skin. Where her wrists meet her arms, there’s a little roll. Same with her neck where it attaches to her head and chest, then – between her bosoms and waist. The second client I told him was like a pebble in a tin-can. Get her rattled – and she’ll make a lot of noise (laughing and carrying on), but not much sense. Our final client was “the Paint woman”. She’s just like “flat latex”, even coverage, not much shine. (ie: not much personality).

Hot Sauce said I nailed each one with my thumbnail sketch. We left the last client and headed toward Selma – and dinner with M.O.T.O.R and D.O.T.O.R. (Because there were still stories to tell – and drinks to share.) Leaving Selma we headed to Montgomery and picked up the General Manager at the airport at 9:30 pm – and headed to the hotel. Hot Sauce and I were dead tired, but the first words out of the G.M.’s mouth were, “so where you going to take me for a cocktail?”

This is entirely OUT of character for him, but Hot Sauce and I rose to the occasion and agreed to forego an important hour of sleep – and take him out for a drink.

Thus ended night two getting to bed close to midnight – and being on the road by 7:30 in the morning.

Today was a good day – but the best part was dropping the GM off at the airport and heading to Gulf Shores. We checked into the hotel – and skedaddled to Lulu’s for happy hour and dinner.

And now – I am off to bed. Woo-hoo! At the hotel and ready to crash by 10:00 pm. Tomorrow is a long day – but maybe I’ll be able to write more when we get to Eufaula tomorrow night.

Best sighting on Monday …. Jim Bird’s Hay Bale Art.


Anonymous said...

Have enjoyable and safe travels, Mit!

Anonymous said...

But we didn't hear our "thumb nail sketch"!! How did we measure up with Hot Sauce? Wild and crazy pair of bloats!! Had a great time, loved seeing you and meeting "Hot Sauce". Next time maybe catfish at our house!! We never close.
M.O.T.O.R. & D.O.T.O.R.

saturday's child said...

hope you get home and get some rest this weekend.

CG said...

Hahaha that is shocking that the first thing he would want is a drink...hopefully he didn't sip his shots.

Anonymous said...

I am curious Mit did your habit of giving poeople names come from reading The Modocs and Thier War by Murray where Nothern Califoria and Souther Oregon settlers gave name to the native Americans becaues they could not pronounce their indian names. Ex. Captin Jack, Steamboat Charley, Shack Nasty Jim, and Scarfaced Charley. Or the nick names for three tweny first centry persons, Lost Pouch Sorries, Little Pillow Jack, and Orginal Box Hobbs.

Geggie said...

Hi Mit!

I'll be back in NC August 3, so let's connect and see if you're in town!

The Purple Panda said...

Mit! I love your blog! And I linked it on my site. I'm just sorry it took me this long to get to it, or to read it. Chalk it up to my computer idiocy.

Great to see you last night!