Saturday, May 31, 2008

A fall and a save

I totally embarrassed myself [big sad face] tonight while I was cooking.

At this house the grill was two stories down from the kitchen level on a patio that’s on the edge of the lake and set next to a sunken planter.

When I got there – I knew it wasn’t an ideal arrangement logistically. I also know what a klutz I am on stairs . The host is an architect – which is code for “I don’t believe in flat planes or walking surfaces.” The kitchen was a step up from the formal dining room – which was a step up from the sunken living room. Then you stepped over a sill as you went through the sliding glass doors onto the first deck – which had four steps down to the next deck level – and then a set of stairs down to the back lot elevation.

If you’ve met me, you know that I can sprain my ankle standing still on level ground. Stairs are an obstacle course for me. So – this was a perfect setup (sarcasm).

Over and over – every time I went up/down to check on the meat I reminded myself to walk slowly – to pay attention – and not hurry. The pork needed to be turned four times – at 5 minute intervals. So basically it was put something on the grill – go upstairs – work on a side dish (and thankfully EVERYTHING was pre-cooked and pre-prepped) for two minutes – then go back through the maze and down the treacherous stairs again. FIVE TIMES ALONE FOR THE PORK.

I had all the pork cooked, and was getting ready to do the salmon. I'd made it down the stairs to the lake side patio for the fifth time. I didn't pay attention. I took a step to the right to reach for my tongs on a teak wood side table and fell into the sunken planter.

Thankfully I saved the salmon - and the grill didn't fall in the lake. A bunch of people sitting up on the decks saw me though ... my left knee hit the cement conglomerate side of the planter. It's all skinned up - I bet it will be bruised and swollen tomorrow. (I guess I should be glad they just mulched. It was a soft landing for my right knee.)

Now that I'm home, I've cleaned it up with Hydrogen Peroxide and have a cold compress on it. (I love playing with Hydrogen Peroxide. It almost makes the sting bearable to watch all the foamy bubbles.)

In less embarrassing news - everyone raved about the food. The hosts, the guests, and the guest of honor. A few people wanted my card. I told them I only do my acrobatic cooking show for friends.


Anonymous said...

Wow - an new business for you ! And the perfect title you were looking for for a business card !!! *O* Hee hee tp

mamie said...

You saved the salmon, got accolades for what I have no doubt was a stellar meal, and got to play with go, girl!