Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Americana Trip

When thinking of iconic America, the standard is baseball, apple-pie, and Chevrolet, isn’t it? I have switched it up to make my own American standard. This trip will be Baseball, Bourbon, and Packards. If he’s lucky, I might make an apple pie!

Soon – not soon enough, 12 days to go – I’m hitting the travel trail again. More specifically, The Bourbon Trail that is! I’ll be walking through this …

At this place,

and see this still when I go visit The Woodford Reserve which is another small batch bourbon distillery.

I’m also going to drool as I get to see these fabulous cars at the Packard Museum.

The Cincinnati Red’s aren’t in town, but aren’t minor league games the embodiment of “blue collar” America? So I’ll be sitting in prime seats (section 108) – even eating a hotdog – as I watch the Dayton Dragons in action. There have been rumors about consuming Dippin’ Dots. I am dubious. I feel rather certain I won’t be cooking dinner this night.

To honor the Wright Brothers, which link my current home state, North Carolina,and Ohio, we’ll work in a trip to the US Air Force Museum.

I know that sounds like a lot, but it shouldn’t be. It’s one activity per day. I hope to do some lazing about – which clearly did not happen on my last pleasure trip. I also hope to cook 2 dinners, a breakfast, and put together a great picnic lunch.

I know. Pics or it didn’t happen. I’ll make sure my host takes some. Because, you know me.

Mit sans camera.


Anonymous said...

This should be an interesting trip, after the many wineries you've visited ! Will Samples be giving on the Sample Tour ???? Getter take a bus ! *o* tp

G Liz said...

Ohhhhh!!!! I envy you!!! Next time, I'm going with you!!!

Miss you dear! :-)

saturday's child said...

Pleasure trip? No work? Yay you! Have a wonderful adventure.

Geggie said...

I'm a tad jealous. I want to do the bourbon tour!

Oh, and I'm back in RDU next week. Shall we try to meet up again?

Bob said...

what a fun holiday you have planned. I know you'll enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Have a blast, Mit! :o)

Katie said...

As a former "living inbetween Dayton and Cincinnati" Buckeye, try Skyline Chili if you get the chance and Graeters ice cream is the absolute best ever. Donatos pizza is fantatic if you like thin crust with lots of toppings. Sorry the Reds aren't in town, the new stadium is awesome, I really like how it overlooks the river.

(here via Hey You)