Saturday, March 29, 2008

Good morning everyone!

I was so looking forward to the weekend.

A little housework, a little paperwork (taxes) - and lots of sitting time on my porch - writing to my heart’s content.

BUT NO ... Stupid Mother Nature has determined to remind me of London. After a week of temps from the mid-70's to the low 80s - today our high with be 54 DEGREES. Tonight? 39 degrees. *shakes head with irritation*

Anyway - I am off to clean my kitchen. (I have been so tired this week). Every night I come home and cook (oh, how I missed cooking while I was traveling!), and then crawl into bed. Sometimes even leaving a messy kitchen! to clean up in the AM. Last night - it was a simple omelet - and those dishes joined the Thursday night dishes - I was in bed by 8:00 pm. Sound asleep before 8:15, I think.

Didn't wake until 7:30 this morning. Feeling invigorated - and trying to be stern with myself to not get distracted. The reward - should I get my list accomplished - is to listen to a lecture by several well-renowned National and local mystery writers tonight at my local bookstore. It is possible some other luminaries will be in the audience too!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like your wonderful vacation is finally catching up to you !! Not surprised, at all ! Hope you got to hear the mystery writers at the bookstore. Love you tp

CG said...

I *know* you are not complaining about a little bit of cold. It snowed here on Saturday. At the end of March. !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to educate them ? *o*