Monday, February 18, 2008

Two Down, There You Go

Goodbye. Goodbye, goodbye, bad

Hello, hello, heaven

One down one to go

Another town and one more show One down one to go Another town and one more show

Ah leave it

Ah leave it

Ah leave it Two down there you go

(Yes Lyrics – Leave it)


Two down there you go.

Electrical inspection completed and passed. Plumber came and fixed the expander.

Goodbye. Goodbye, goodbye, bad

There is no longer water spewing around my crawl space and on the hot water heater.

One down one to go.

The electric company arrives sometime tomorrow to turn the juice back on.

Hello, hello, heaven

I should be back in my house tomorrow (Tuesday) after class.

Then comes the fun part of figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

Another town and one more show

Finally – I’ll have a freezer and frig to finish cleaning out (ie: wiping down) on Wednesday after work, … and then Thursday I can start ferrying everything cold back to my house.

Saturday and Sunday I’ll clean the house (there are dust armadillos wandering around again) …

Ah leave it

Ah leave it

Finally I’ll pack and get ready for the Memphis trip which I leave for on 3/26.

Let’s hope this is the end of the HOD (House of Doom) stories … or at least until I return from my UK and US beach trip … so mid-April, m’kay? Please?


Bob said...

WOOT! happy for you, girl.

Gina Elizabeth said...

Hey Chic-I'm taking a break tonight...I've been on the road all week, and I've just got to rest. I'll be at class next week, but I am in desperate NEED of rest tonight...we'll catch up.