Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Because Really ...

Who needs to lock up their house before they go out of town for 5 days??

Where the TRUCK did I put my house keys???

Couldn't find them at 5:00 am - on my way out the door to the gym - so used my spares. No big deal ...

But now ... 4 hours later, I still can't find them!! I have a spare set of keys for the house - but it's dis-concerning to know I don't have a clue where my "normal keys" are ... Plus my office key is on that key chain :(

My car keys (different key-ring) were in my purse - right where I expected them, at 5:00 AM. I know the keys must be IN THE HOUSE, because I had to use my house keys to get INTO my house last night. Blurry eyed and not quite awake, I thought maybe they were still hanging in the front door (I've been known to lock up on the inside - totally NOT paying attention to them hanging on the outside). BUT NO KEYS IN THE DOOR.

They were not on my dinning room table - which I cleaned off last night, of all the mail, and newspapers, and boxes, and other accumulated debris that gathers there far too easily.

They were not on the kitchen counter - which is where I also frequently set them down, as I walk through the door on my way to pour myself a glass of wine.

Not on the end table by the door. Not on the couch. Not on my dresser in the bedroom - I wasn't wearing a jacket yesterday - so they are NOT in a pocket somewhere. I washed my blue jeans last night - so they are not in my pants pocket.

They are not on the filing cabinet where I moved stuff off my table to ... they are not on my desk - which I also dusted ....

hmmm - I hung some stuff up in the guest room ..... NOT THERE EITHER ...

As I folded all of my laundry and packed this morning I kept saying, "Don't worry, they'll turn up." As I took the recycling and garbage out I told myself, "Don't worry, they'll turn up." As I changed my thermostat program for the heater, and packed my makeup WITHOUT PUTTING IT ON .... I continued to say, "Don't worry, they'll turn up."

As I hauled my luggage and jacket to the car ... I told myself, "&^%##$^& idiot - go get the damn spare keys and get out of here - you're late to pick up the boss!"

I sure hope this isn't an indication of how this trip is going to go ... and if it is, I hope this is like the house problems - and I'm receiving all the crap karma know - so when I leave in 15 days!!!! :) for the UK - everything goes SMOOTHLY.



Bob said...

you and my wife - what is it with the keys?

have a safe trip.

mamie said...

A couple of suggestions? Either bring your trash and recycling back to the house (or have someone do it) until you have time to check to make sure that the keys didn't go out in the "clean sweep" (this was an immediate thought when you said you had taken it to the curb), and check in every nook and cranny of your purse. I have torn my house apart looking for keys only to find them deep in some random pocket of my pocketbook. I hate to lose my keys.

Anonymous said...

You might also check the washing machine - they might have fallen out. tp
Dad says: they'll be in the last place you look ! *o*

I H8 24 said...

I'm sure they'll be someplace like on your dining table or someplace so obvious that you overlooked it!! See you in Memphis!!

Anonymous said...

DITTO Mamie!
Just yesterday I FOUND my keys in my (other) purse - after 2 days of searching high and low!!