Saturday, January 12, 2008

Swimmingly Intimate

Tonight I had two good friends over for dinner. It felt kind of odd, just the three of us. I rarely have such small dinner parties. Usually it’s an eclectic group that gathers round my table. But as the night progressed, I realized there was a freedom of conversation that would not have occurred otherwise. It’s a lesson I’ve been taught before, but is hard for me to remember. A crowd does not necessarily social success.

Now – on to the important part … THE FOOD!

As hors d’oeuvres:

Hot and Spiced Nuts (Pecans, Peanuts, Walnuts, Chinese Five Spice, Cayenne, & Crystallized Ginger)

Cheese (an aged blue from Portugal and a Goats cheese with truffles)

Sourdough bread & olive oil/balsamic vinegar


Tilapia with Citrus Ponzu Sauce

Lemon Quiona

Toasted Sesame Seed Green Beans


Custard with Allspice

Chocolate Ganache Mini-sandwiches

It was a great and simple dinner – and all from healthy ingredients and preperations!


So – I got my glasses today. They are cool! I really like them. As they look.

However, LOOKING THROUGH THEM … well, let’s just say I feel like I’m swimming. Everything at the edges is blurry.

I’ve realized that the days of the shifty eye look are gone. If I want to see something clearly, I have to look at it straight on. No more looking out of the corner of my eye. On one side the prescription is stronger than the other. This is weird. It means that sometimes when I look at things far away, more through my right eye, they are not as clear as looking them with my left eye.

I frequently find myself looking below or above the glasses to see things “more clearly”. (how weird is that? Hello! Glasses – isn’t EVERYTHING supposed to be sharper? Also? The glasses – and the opening of the oven? Not such a clear view.

But overall, I am happy to have them, and can see a difference. (ha! “see” a difference. I amuse myself)


Christopher Paquette said...

Welcome to the world of glasses! I can't read with mine, so I am constantly taking them off or trying to read "under" them.... I need bifocals but I'm not ready for that step into old-manhood.

p.s. that dinner sounds awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mit! It's good that you're finally seeing the light. I need to decide upon some sort of vision correcting device. The battle between glasses or contacts keeps raging in my mind. The glasses are too much of an "accessory" type item, but on the other hand, I'm not sure if I'm responsible enough for a pair of contacts. I guess I better make a decision before my class begins, eh?

P.S. - Chocolate Ganache Mini-Sandwiches? Nice! Feel free to share that recipe if you'd like. Hehehe.



tp said...

Give yourself a couple of weeks to get used to the 'variable' lens. Wish I could say that they worked for me, but ---- as you know, I don't even wear mine ALL the time, anyway. *~* So I have them adjusted --- often !!!

tp said...

PS It would be nice to see a picture of you with your glasses ???????? Then, of course, it would be nice to see your broken, recovered, new couches, too !!!!!!! *o*

M.O.T.O.R. said...

I agree with TP about the glasses! How about a "self-portrait"?