Thursday, January 24, 2008

Climax and Deep Creek

Last night - after a wine tasting and author reading, I Climaxed then touched a Deep Creek before going to bed.

Too bad they are just geo-places on my way to Shelby, North Carolina. Who'd have thought Southerner's were so good at naming things so provocatively?

The 3 hour drive was rough - only because I'd only had two hours of sleep on Tuesday night. One of my classmates from the Fiction Writing class come home with me and spent the night. She's giving up her apartment and moving back to her family home - about 2 1/2 hours away from Raleigh, so she'll be a weekly fixture in my guest room.

The whole point of that way too much info - was we stayed up and talked WAY too late Tuesday night. It was 11 pm before I started packing - 1 am by the time I'd posted here and on my blog - and 2 am before I went to sleep. The old bod gave me no break and woke me up at 4:45 to go work out :( Which I did! :)

Besides being tired as I drove last night - it saw a little foggy. Nothing like trying to peer through tired eyes at an invisible landscape to REALLY get the headache going.

I arrived at 11:20 pm - promptly got on my jammies - let a few people know I arrived safely and then went to bed!

I am here today and tomorrow to train a group of clients. It looks like the stars are going to align correctly, and I'll have dinner with Sunny! :)

No internets during the day ... but I'll try and fill you in after dinner tonight!

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tp said...

Sounds like my usual approach to preparing for a trip - not good ! Glad you arrived safely - hope your day goes smoothly. Congrats on the workout !!!!!!!!