Sunday, December 09, 2007


This weekend is the one I’ve been worrying about. It seems every holiday thing – and some non-holiday things were going on.

It was my Saturday to work a half-day. (That’s what happens when you work in a seasonal industry), I had the hair stuff, the Sunday School Christmas Party, providing rides for disabled church member, teaching Sunday School, the Writing Critique Group gathering at my house combined with a cookie exchange, and my dinner group party, were I was to bring a dish.

Of course, last week I tried to get as much knocked out ahead of time as possible, but there were still things left undone. The first break for this procrastinator happened on Wednesday - when I was informed weekend hours had been discontinued, and we'd be returning to our regular NON-rotating work schedules! Yay!

Yesterday was a bust. Well, not really. I mean, I did get the hair cut/colored, cook something for the Sunday School holiday party and attend it.

But today was THE day of craziness.

It turned out to be a good day - even if I didn't get everything I wanted done, done. (And why do I think SO much must be done before people arrive at my house?) The morning started off with picking up Lady A on time and getting she and I to the contemporary service on time. (But it did not start off with me getting up at 6:00 am, and getting some of my list marked off before leaving for church.) I led my Sunday School class successfully and went to Big People's church ... where we were treated to the most AMAZING music. Our choir and brass ensemble performed "Gloria" from John Rutter’s Magnificat. It was, magnificent! The minister asked us to empty all our concerns from our mind, and focus on the music – and the message contained within. I guess God knew I was stressing about getting home, baking cookies, and cleaning the house before the writing gang showed up, because He nudged someone else to offer Lady A a ride home. Which gave me at least another 30 minutes of preparation time.

Arriving home from church just minutes after noon, I changed, made cookie dough and let it chill while I mopped the kitchen and bathroom floor. With the dough slightly chilled, I baked the first batch of cookies, dust mopped the house, made my bed, and took cookies out to cool. Then I shaped and rolled the second batch, got out wine glasses, made coffee, re-arranged living room furniture, printed out one of the stories for review, took out the second batch of cookies - AND greeted my guests at 2:00 pm. Left undone? House wasn't dusted, besides a few Christmas cards on the dinning room table, there wasn't a hint of the holidays anywhere, I only had one kind of cookie made, there were no other types of nibbles, and there was still clean laundry on the foot of my bed. *sigh* When the writing group left at 5:00 pm, I made the cornbread to go with the Jambalaya main course being prepared for dinner at the hosts' house, washed the dishes from making the cornbread, put furniture back in place and left at 6:00 pm to pick up one of the dinner group couples on the way to the main event.

It was another great evening. The shrimp Jambalaya was spicy, and kicky, and full of goodness (I even scored some to bring home!). The company around the table was equally kicky and full of high spirits. Once again, I find myself realizing how lucky I am, even if I do lead a craziness induced life.

I hope your weekend was equally good. Now I’m going to bed. See you all tomorrow!

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