Thursday, December 27, 2007

Raging Rant, Progressive Me, Wimpy Dedication

<rant>At work, I really DO try to mind my own business. I rarely check to see who’s in/out of the office (unless it’s my responsibility), I don’t count vacation hours/sick days for coworkers. Heck I only know someone is out of the office if I get a “bounced” call or e-mail.

Because I think we’re all GROWNUPS – and keeping track of that stuff is SOMEONE else’s job, I’m sure you can imagine my GREAT JOY, when a subordinate, called the office this afternoon and wanted to know if “anyone” was working today. Mind you – this call was at one o’clock in the afternoon. Halfway through the day. Our receptionist (who intercepted the call) said, “Why Mit is here today. She DID just leave for lunch, but she’ll be back until she leaves for her doctor’s appointment this afternoon.” Then I heard her say … “Uhh, I don’t know. She told me yesterday she had the appointment and asked me to remind her so she didn’t forget.”

After hanging up she said, “Why are his panties in a wad?” I was on my way out to bring her back some soup for lunch (as she is fighting a cold), and I said, “Who knows?. I ain’t going to worry about it.” (I am a liar)

When I returned from lunch – there was an e-mail from the subordinate-coworker berating me for “making last minute Dr. Appointments without consideration for my coworkers” and failing to be, “conscientious in my actions” – PLUS, “How WOULD HE HANDLE ALL the calls??”

To say I was pissed – is an understatement. For a long time I thought I would ignore the e-mail. But NOOOO, I am not that mature. :(

Of course, LOGIC is my friend. I wrote back that there would be himself, AND another support staff employee, in the office once I left. His return e-mail indicated the secondary support member “wasn’t very capable” and had been given PART of the day off (by my subordinate), because he knew there would be TWO of us in the office BECAUSE HE’D LOOKED AT THE ON LINE SCHEDULE YESTERDAY MORNING!!!! But now he (the complaining coworker) would obviously just have to “wing it” and “try to take care of the customer base”, since I’d made this, “LAST MINUTE, INCONSIDERATE, decision.”

I pointed out that I’d not been told, “someone” was going to be out unscheduled for the day, today. Where was THAT email notification? Further, YESTERDAY we’d only had 12 calls between 1:30 pm and 6:00 pm – and that between 4pm and 5:30 pm (the hours I’d be gone) there were only 4 calls. I’d made this appointment on December 18th – and I wasn’t aware it was my job to take the company calendar WITH ME when I made medical appointments. How long had he been doing that when he made his appointments?? And how “long-range” did he print out the calendar? Was he also calling and cancelling his appointments when other plans were made by coworkers? If so, when did he EVER get to the Dr.?

I, on the other hand, assumed it was the GM or PRESIDENT'S job to worry about scheduling. Of course, since I’d been on vacation since the 18th (when I made the appointment) and only worked one day between making the appointment and entering it in the company calendar … I didn’t see what the big deal was. Besides, the reason I hadn’t entered it earlier is because I’d “Been on the phone ALL DAY Friday with A BRAND NEW CLIENT, and not worrying about entering a doctor’s appointment.” If he had any complaints about HIS ABILITIES to handle the “massive amounts of calls”, perhaps he should send an email to the vacationing President and GM, informing them of their “inconsiderate and poor” management skills. </rant>

Progressive, Me!

So, yeah. The doctor’s appointment. It was my vision visit. I am not just “getting older”. I am getting older “quickly”. That is to say, I am both NEAR SIGHTED (can’t see distances) and FAR SIGHTED (can’t see small type.) Actually – the Near Sightedness is a bigger deal than the Far Sightedness. They said I could probably go two – maybe three years without needing reading glasses. But they weren’t far off. I dread trying to keep track of reading classes AND distance glasses. Since I have only been having problems with fine print – I decided to go ahead and get bifocals. (which they now call “progressive” lenses.) I figure if I have to get use to glasses, I might as well get use to EVERYTHING all at once. (btw if you're interested in numbers: Near sightedness vision right eye: 20/25, left eye 20/40. Far sightedness both eyes 20/25.

Here are the glasses I WANTED to buy:

But they were only 10% off on sale – and I didn’t feel like I could spend the money. :(

Here are the glasses I did buy for $115 dollars less:

I think they’re WAY COOL and cannot wait to get them. (a-hem, I did forget to ask exactly when that would be ready ….)

Wimpy Dedication

I got to bed very late last-night and woke up in the middle of the night needing a pain pill. Laying awake from 2:30 am till 4:30 am it occurred to me there was no way I’d been getting up at 5:00 am to work out. Then – after my eye appointment tonight, I just didn’t feel like peering at the water aerobics instructor through dilated eyes. So – I missed BOTH opportunities to exercise today. Guess that means double duty tomorrow – or adding a class on Saturday. *sigh*


Joseph H. said...

Your eyes sound exactly like mine. I just picked up my first set of glasses (not counting drug store reading glasses) the Friday before Xmas. They're progressive lenses, just like yours.

They suck.

I tried reading with them at the optician's. It was really hard. They told me that I'd be better off using a pair of reading glasses to read with. That's for damn sure. I can make out about 1 line of type if I squint and use the very bottom of the lens, right above the rim of the frames.

You might want to consider something else.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Joseph - however, many people wear the progressive lenses and don't have a problem. The blurry line made me dizzy-ier!

Usually 2-3 weeks to get them.

Don't worry about catching up - just do the best you can from your next workout. It's not giving up.

Your subordinate "gotcha" didn't he. Why do you buy into those no-win situations ???

mamie said...

I have one contact that sees up close and one that sees far away. I love them and no glasses to keep up with (except when I'm snugged down watching Stewart and Colbert - then I wear my red glasses....

M.O.T.O.R. said...

I have a few pairs of "cheaters", you could borrow them until your real ones come in! <3

Gina Elizabeth said...

I'm glad you're getting glasses...then you can be as cool as me!!! :-) So kidding!