Saturday, December 01, 2007

Focus on Insanity

First Weekend in December

  • Wash sheets – Master bedroom (check)
  • Take shower (check)
  • Make List (check - and sorry I did)
  • Update 3 calendars (check)
  • Make Turkey Soup for dinner (check)
  • Wash sheets – Guest room
  • Make Master bed (check)
  • Make Guest bed
  • Do laundry (and yes, I must fold/hang and put everything away for it to count) (check)
  • Clean T-giving leftovers out of fridge (check)
  • Wash & put away dishes (check)
  • Wash and rehang shower curtain (check)
  • Attempt Graphics at 2:00 pm - and realize computer isn't cooperating (check)
  • “Freak the Hell Out” and remind self this is NOT procrastination biting me on the butt (check)
  • Send e-mail to Graphic support on a Saturday afternoon. (Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha) (check)
  • Go to church and meet someone to fix Display 1 and Display 2 on laptop so I can DO graphics (check)
  • Help them set up mics and do sound check for tomorrow (obviously NOT on original list!) (check)
  • Eat Dinner (check)
  • Clean-up Dinner (check)
  • Graphics for Church service At L-O-N-G L-A-S-T (check)
  • Sweep & Mop Kitchen Floor
  • Write 5 ½ critiques of fellow student’s work (2 ½ late critiques for First Drafts, 3 for Rewrites) (for a total of 9 First Draft Critiques and eventually 9 Rewrite Critiques)
  • Write 5 critiques of stories from Anthology readings relating to specific parts of writing (for a total of 9 Critiques)
  • Print out “Writing Journal” Entries (57 Entries as of 11/30)
  • Remind self to not “Freak the Hell Out” repeatedly throughout the day & weekend (check)
  • Make Tangerine/Olive Oil Cake for Tuesday
  • Make Mini-Frittata’s (ham & Swiss) for Tuesday
  • Get Christmas Decorations out of the attic (God, I hate decorating)
  • Decorate house for next Sunday’s Writer’s Group Meeting
  • Consider making cookies ahead for next Sunday (also don’t stress too much as there is strong likelihood for 12/4 being a vacation day)


mamie said...

Um, I thought we had to do 13 short story critiques in all. I'm not feeling optimistic about getting mine done...maybe tomorrow I can read four revised short stories of ours and nine by others? And write critiques? And put up the Christmas tree so yall can see it on Tuesday? Go to church and to eat with my husband's family for his mother's birthday?? Shoot, all that on my "day of rest"--what a joke....

Christopher Paquette said...

you still haven't washed the sheets in the guest room?

MitMoi said...

Silly - four people in that bed since you've left! Return's got fresh sheets just waiting for you.