Thursday, December 13, 2007

Autum Dance

Last night I arrived in a regal room

and danced under a harvest moon.

Driving through the port cochere

The beaus looked so debonair


Sturdy Oaken men of Haydon,

Cummerbund embellished and bow-tie bound

Consort with draped and gowned

Aspen maiden

Necks slender and shoulders bare

Dancing without a care


Douppioni and Shantung silk,

swished and rustled

Gowns pleated, gathered, and bustled.

Billowing skirts, skimming sheaths

Drifting, falling, leaves


Skirted Maples sashay

Adjacent tuxedo tucked Tamorind cache.

Garnet dogwood pannier,

Brushed again’ the scarlet pear,

Crimson wrapped bodice vine,

Golden mulberry crinoline.


Color; sumptuous, meritorious

Glorious, plum, ochre, and maroon,

It ended too soon

Arrived the frosty moon,


I awoke in bed,

Was it all in my head?


Slipping to the door,

Viewed on the earth’s floor,

Piles of gowns,

Amassed all around


Persimmon and Vermillion,

Left in the pavilion

Tangerine and burgundy, discarded

Lithe limbs no longer guarded


Dipping and diving wind

Swirled and swung as it thinned

Folioles without their jazz

Colors devoid of pizzazz


Winter’s assault;

Snowy waltz


MitMoi said...

I am still not completely happy with this ...


What do you think the imagery is about?

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, I think of the music video for "Crash" by Dave Matthews Band.


I H8 24 said...

A srong wind blowing all the leaves off the trees, and the moon coming out after the wind dies down shining on the leaves left on the ground in it's wake.

Christopher Paquette said...

it's mostly there...seems to be lacking for words and needs some expansion (Mit at a loss for words?) and the rhymes seem a bit forced in places. I love the imagery this creates.

MitMoi said...

I H8 24, good. I'm getting close.

CHP I agree, some of the rhyme is forced and I don't think everything is there. This has become a bigger challenge than I thought.