Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's Now or Never

So, it’s settled

I agreed to marry Dr. (formerly known as Whiny) Esq.

You’re shocked?

So am I!

Pull up a chair and I’ll tell you the story.

Last week, Dr. Esq. met me after the book-reading. One of my fellow classmates commented on how he “only had eyes for me”. I told her it was because he was hungry – for dinner. She didn’t believe me – and chided me for not dating him.

At dinner that night, he told me about another date he was setting up. How he was trying to make it casual …“Let’s meet for coffee” and how his intended just wasn’t getting the concept. I listened very sympathetically while patting myself on the back for staying out of the dating quagmire.

A day or so later, several people commented on how handsome he was. (It’s true, the boy is easy on the eyes.) But I told them, “Ewwww! Date Dr. Esq???? He wants a B-A-B-Y. which immediately qualifies him for the “End of Mit Dating-line.”

I don’t always think things through … so the next time he and I talked I relayed how everyone thought he was cute and wondered why we weren't dating.

HE said, “What did you tell them?”

Because I have a big mouth, I said "I told them, “Ewwwwww - not him" ... because I thought he would laugh ...


There was no laughter on the other end of the line.

I didn't know how to recover from my mini-faux pas. I tried the whole ... "Well isn't that what YOU'D day??" gambit.

He said, "Mittany, I would never say your name then follow it up with "ewwww".

As my friend Bronz said, “epic conversation failure” on my part.

That brings us to today. Out of the blue he called me at the office. “Hey Mit, if you drive the G-35 home I’ll buy you lunch.” Now – a free lunch and a fast car … what was there to say “no” too? Of course, I did have to ask … “WHY” did I need to drive home his car? … That’s when he told me he’d just picked up his next NEW (to him) car. (see what great communication we have? Last I heard, he was "thinking" about buying a Nissan Titan)

I told our receptionist “Dr. Esq is coming to the office. I’ll be leaving with him. I’m not sure when I’ll be back.”

“The Dr. is coming to pick you up? Are you ok? I didn’t know Doctor’s picked UP their patients!” she said.

Me, the witty one said, “Oh, he’s coming with a white coat for me. Looking out the window I saw him arriving. And see that Mountaineer? It’s his new ambulance … he’s coming to take me away.” Her eyes got big … and then she giggled. “Oh, you mean you KNOW him? And he’s not a real Doctor?”

I confessed that I knew him and that he was indeed a “REAL” doctor, but not treating me for health issues – then I left.

We went to the dealership, I got into the Infinity G-35 and drove it out to his house. We went inside to eat the lunch he’d picked up. It was my first chance to ask about his date on Friday.

“She bailed at the last minute”, he said.

“No! You’re kidding me!”

“Nope. That’s it. I’m tired of this. Trying to find someone – and only ending up with people with issues. And look! I’ve stopped whining (it’s true). I’ve become much more positive. (true) But I’m tired of trying to find a date. Hell. I give up. Will you marry me?”

Because I knew he wasn’t expecting the answer I said, “Sure! – but NO K.I.D.S.”

He stared at me for a minute and then said, “Hmmm – winter in the desert. We can go to Los Vegas for our wedding. WITH ELVIS!!”

“Gee, you’ve thought of everything I’ve never wanted in a wedding, haven’t you?” I said.

I tried to convince him Taos, NM was a better choice, but he didn’t think he could get Elvis with the Gold Lamé suit. Suddenly he looked at the time and almost had a coronary. Oh no! He had an appointment in Raleigh… in 20 minutes! We were in Cary and my office is in Durham. (Think 18 mile triangle)

So we jumped in the car (the G-35) … I just sat in the passenger seat with my eyes closed. It’s an involuntary reaction I seemed to have developed when someone goes from 20 mph to 75 and then darts between two cars to make an exit. They stayed closed except when the nice police man was in front of us and we couldn’t weave in and out of traffic.

Then he took the exit out by the airport marked 20 MPH … at close to 50. Reaching over and grabbing my knee he said, “Now that’s handling! These tires aren’t losing traction on this wet road … yet!” And he gave it a little more gas. I discretely grabbed the edge of my seat so I wouldn’t fall in his lap and said, “That does it! No Gold Lamé Elvis for OUR wedding after that stunt!”

After a few seconds of silence I said, “It’s the White Jumpsuit Elvis or nothing!”

He just laughed.


MitMoi said...

Hey Talla Paula ... it wasn't a serious offer.

I am afraid though that SOME bride might find herself standing in front of Elvis. Poor, poor, girl.

Geggie said...

Congrats. Where will you register?

tp said...

You little s--- I was about to have coronary myself !!!

Anonymous said...

DITTO - TP! But I was trying to decide what I would wear and if I could drive out to N.M. instead of fly!