Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Mother’s Trick

It’s hard for me to see the ways my Mom and I are the same. She’s much braver than I am. She’s never been afraid of the dark when camping. She doesn’t think about finding dead bodies in the water when she’s fly fishing alone on a stretch of water. She’s better at doing guy things than me. She can back a trailer without having to pull forward 4 or 5 times. She can shoot a deer rifle, shotgun and look through a spotting scope. She can also do math and spell.

One way that we’re similar is that we speak our minds. She speaks hers more frequently, but once I decide to let lose – well, baby you better fasten your seat belt, ‘cause you’re gonna hear EXACTLY what I think about THAT!

Another way we are very dissimilar is punctuality. I’m not often early, but I’m very rarely late. On the other hand, I frequently lie about the time things are starting so we can be close to on-time. Over the years, especially when she was working, she developed some compensating techniques. One of these techniques is shifting the reason for being late. Oh, no, she’s not late because she can’t judge time well. It’s not because she procrastinated over the newspaper a little too long. Oh no, Talla Paula is late because she had to stop and pick up cookies for the office! And if you’re late, but bring food, then you’re really not late, are you?

So – that’s the rule. Arrive with food and you are absolved of all sin.

Last night I cooked instead of doing my critiques. (yes, I may not be chronically late, but I am a chronic procrastinator). Then, amazingly enough I had to WORK while at my job, instead of writing six thoughtful, well constructed critiques.


I had a plan!

And a CAKE!

So – I waltzed in 10 minutes late and two critiques short – and announced that I would expect exoneration in exchange for SHARING THE CAKE!

Because, that’s what my momma taught me! :)


Anonymous said...

Well it worked! So 'Go Momma!'

I H8 24 said...

The best way to a forgiving heart is through the stomach!!

mamie said...

Mmhmmm, now we're on to you. Won't get away with that trick again...but I won't tell Teacher....