Saturday, November 03, 2007

C. Horsey Omelet and Kicking Toast

Today I am being good to myself. No alarms to wake me up. A pot of strong coffee. Some reading, then breakfast. It seems since forever since I talked about cooking. Last weekend I briefly mentioned making an omelet that made “The Horse” drool. Today I made this breakfast in honor of him and his friendship.

C. Horsey Omelet

½ tsp butter melted in sauté pan

1 shallot minced

1 cup wild greens (spinach, rocket, red-leaf lettuce, arugula, curly endive) rough chopped

3 eggs - beaten

¼ milk (yes, yes, I know custard, blah, blah, blah …it’s how I like MY eggs)

1/8 cup bleu cheese

Add shallot to butter and sauté until translucent. Add greens and stir until slightly wilted, but not so long the resemble nauseating frozen or canned spinach. You want them to have a pleasing texture.

Remove greens/shallots from the pan. Bring pan back to temperature. Pour in egg/milk mixture. Add salt and pepper. Swirl in pan, and lift edges and allow egg to run under the cooked parts. When mostly cooked, slide spatula under egg to make sure everything is “lose”.

Pick sauté pan up off burner and slide egg back and forth a few time to make sure it’s ready to flip. Flip (and catch) egg pancake. Add sautéed greens and bleu cheese to ½ of egg pancake. Slide out of pan onto plate and fold other half over with pan lip.

While working with “runny” egg stage, begin toasting rosemary whole-wheat bread. When omelet is done, add butter and hot-pepper jelly to toast for “kicking-toast”.

Sit down at dining room table with Grant Green playing in the background, a glass of milk, and sunlight filling the house with love. Enjoy omelet and thoughts of friendship.


CG said...
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CG said...

Mmmmm blue cheese...I love the good blue cheese. One of the many things I love about Wegmans up here!!

I miss you, and all the real people I could call friends back home. Still haven't established myself here which is starting to feel weird. I really need a job so I can establish "my" friends separate from Matt's friends and their girl-friends of the week/fiance's......wish me luck in the job hunt!! :)

(I just had some typos in my previous so I deleted it..geeze it makes it sound so dramatic "THIS POST HAS BEEN REMOVED BY THE AUTHORT!! ZOMG WHAT DID IT SAY!!" ;) )

SusieSpeaks said...

You should bring something equally yummy to share with your dear friends in writing class :P

Gina Elizabeth said...

You should TEACH ME how to recipes: cereal and milk, crackers and peanut butter...need I say more!!!! Sounds amazing!

Thanks for the remarks about the pics...and for your help!!!!

Anonymous said...

I say Mit needs to host her own cooking class!!! Wannabe foodies unite...for Mit is the one who knows how to cook up a storm! Oh Mit, won't you teach us?