Thursday, October 18, 2007

Departures and Arrivals

Yesterday Max, then non-Ferrari driving friend from Texas left. We had a great visit – and he was a wonderful house guest. (he’s the one on the right!)

What makes a wonderful house-guest? Well – not all of them have the same attributes, but this guest had THESE attributes.

He entertained himself the whole time.

He didn’t mind that I was unable to spend much of Tuesday night with him.

There was no porn added to my computer.

I returned to a house in the same condition as I left it each day.

Although I only got about 3 hours of sleep Sunday night, I did cook dinner for us Monday – and we had a lovely dinner conversation. It was a far reaching one – we covered the Genesis and Fluidity of Language, Quantum Physics, Schroeder’s Cat, Gambling Theory, Market Forces and Trading Futures/Options, and maybe 100 other things. Even though I was dead tired, it was a nice evening.

In about 28 hours the next group of house guests will begin arriving!

The list is slightly pared down – and rearranged from the original invite.

I will pick up Frreenie; the Environmental Scientist at the airport when I get off work tomorrow evening.

BlueWingTeal; - the intrepid photographer will snap pics between PA and NC – and arrive around 7:00 pm. At which time the 3 of us will commence eating something wonderful, which I haven’t thought of yet.

MisterGuitar; formerly of KC, and ThatDillyGirl from the UK, will join us Saturday morning as we raid the local Farmer’s Markets scouring for good things to cook. We will also do some sight-seeing – then head back to Chez MitMoi for some serious cooking.

Later in the evening we’ll be joined by The Editor, DrEsq (formerly known as Dr. Whiny), and KayakingNeighbor for dinner – and music and slide shows of China and retrospectives of art work.

Sadly, CarGuyWhoTeasesMit, WildHairCook, and ISellWine, have been unable to join due to various reasons. But all in all … 5 men, 3 women … yum, yum!

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