Friday, October 12, 2007

When you say Shhhug-ahhhh

So - Wednesday night I had to sit for a "professional" portrait on Wednesday.

The photographer was a southerner - he kept telling me stupid things to say so I'd smile. But not the normal things, like “cheese”. Among one of his favorites was "Hi sugar".

Now here in the south, that's a term of endearment. One that I was not familiar with until I moved out here. The only time it's been spoken to me is with a southern drawl - "shhhug-ah" … and was by a boyfriend. It made me weak in the knees each time he said it. And if he’d been smart – he’s have said it more often. (stupid men)

So each time the photographer asks me to say this I can't say "sugar" like a normal person - because in my mind it is now, "shhhug-ah". And I have a terrible, terrible southern accent. (terrible - as in "I sound like an idiot - and not a southerner). So then after I’d try and say “Shuug-ahhh” I'd make an ugly face - which kinda defeated the whole purpose, ya know?

Finally he said, "What do you think of besides love when you think of "sugar"? And I said "Horses" and got a big smile on my face ... then I blurted out (because I have no mind-to-mouth-control), "C.Horsey specifically if we're talking about stallions". Which of course made NO SENSE to him . (I have a very dear friend that I’ve nicknamed “C.Horsey”. In part because he is incredibly smart, can turn a conversation on a dime, is great at cutting out “losers” from a crowd, and also just has that … certain “je ne sais qua” that most horses with great blood-lines exhibit. In other words, he’s a “cutting horse” of the highest order and skill) Of course, expressing this aloud made me turn red ... After that I just muttered under my breath and stuck to saying "Horsey" when he wanted me to smile.

There - now you have your stupid "Mitter Moment" for Friday.


Geggie said...

And then horses always make me think of Sarah Jessica Parker, because "God bless her," she has a horse face.

Anonymous said...

Oh I have about a horse face morphed with the face of Twisted Sister frontman, Dee Snider? Now there's a looker!