Monday, October 08, 2007

TP and Oysters

I must be the poster child for anal retentive. I mean who else spends more than 5 minutes trying to decide which package of toilet paper to buy? And it's not like I have a sensitive ass - or female parts. I just want cheep, no "pictures/designs", 2-ply, and isn't sandpaper. And it would be nice to find a package that doesn't have 20 rolls in it. Not because I'll never USE 20 rolls. Not because they'll GO BAD - before I use them - but because I live in a small house and where would I STORE 20 rolls of TP? And $8.00+ dollars for TP?? TP that is more expensive than a GALLON OF MILK? TP that is more expensive than my EVERYDAY CHEEP ASS WINE?? So I went into the store for 3 things ... wine, pork chops, a veggie to go with the chops. I walked out with the TP, paper towels, milk (so I don't have to go back even though I just opened a gallon today), Rice Chex, smoked oysters (and I was feeling really guilty about this ... but now? Not so much! :) $2.30/tin BUT a tin is 2 servings (says them) and 95 calories a serving ... SO if I have a tin of oysters - some baguette slices ($1.99) and wine $6.99 - and I'll only drink 1/2 the bottle - for dinner? Go me! $2.50+$0.75+$3.50= cheep dinner! And the whole tin of oysters is only 190 calories. Then I got 3 packages of pasta (orricchetti, farfalle, penne rigotti) 3/$3.00, broccoli, 2 onions, 2 heads of garlic, a butternut squash, 2 lemons (omg ...2/$1.00) and 1 lime (further outrage! $0.69 for a freakin' lime???) aluminum foil!!! (Have you been paying attention to the price of aluminum??)... and $80.00 later with a savings of $3.30 (not even a bottle of wine - or gallon of milk worth), I walked out. I am SO not such a good shopper. And?? I hate going to the grocery store with a passion. :(


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I've gone to the store for a loaf of bread, and left with like ten items from every single aisle!! So I stink at grocery shopping too! So you shant feel so're not the only one!


Christopher Paquette said...

note to self....Pack TP for NC trip!!

Geggie said...

Just found your blog on NaBloPoMo. I'm diggin' it! Super cute. I just moved to VA after 11 years in AZ, so I can relate.

Happy week to you!