Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yep, pretty much sums it up!

Except I have a window ... And I <3 our receptionist ... I'm sure it's the red-hair - that's why no one will look me in the eye ... I just told a customer he's unreasonable. But I laughed ... so he thinks I'm joking. I'm not :( ps: Thanks IH824! :)


Anonymous said...

I can understand why others think that cubicle life sucks!! I'm a slave to the cubicle...stuck in a drab colored cramped cubicle all day, forced to take hundreds of calls from completely unreasonable and angry clients, hearing the personal phone conversations from cubicle neighbors who go into too much detail about their personal goings on, etc...and getting paid jack squat for putting up with it all! It's a humdrum cubical world, and it sucks! I wonder if Donald Trump needs an assistant...one could only hope.

Woodstock said...

I've worked in a cube farm. I've worked in an open office plan. I've had my own office.

Right now I have an office: It's cold and it doesn't get any natural light. I'd love to go back to the open office plan where there was no privacy but I could see a window and I didn't feel totally isolated from my coworkers.

And I think they're just in awe of the red hair ;)

Anonymous said...

As a non-James Blunt fan and an engineer for the past 30 years, I really got a big laugh out of "My Cubical". Thanks!!!

In the immortal words of the Monty Python gang, "Now for something completely different"...

I need a little help. In a different posting called “I don’t Grok Jazz” (see attached link), you referenced a Jackson Browne song "singing about someone going crazy and being admitted to Belleview”. I am looking for a song with that subject matter. Is it a real song and do you happen to remember the name of the song?

Thanks, atmaster.


Mit_Moi said...

Woodstock, yep, AWE of the red! Actually, I am so nosy and social - I prefer to be out in the cubie - that way I can hear what everyone says!

AtMaster ... it's Bruce not Jackson Brown ... full details in that post!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mittany