Sunday, September 30, 2007

Weekend Score

Okay - here's today’s score: Done Kitchen - ALL dishes washed AND put way, floor and counter-tops - ALL wiped down, swept, and mopped. Kitchen rugs washed & dried. Living room - dusted (lightly) - dust-mopped, all newspapers, papers, shoes, etc. picked up, FILED or put away (not just moved to another room) Dining room - (see above) Bathroom - cleaned shower and sink last weekend. Floor swept and mopped - bathmat washed & dried. Bills - paid and filed. (still feel faint over the $900 bill paid in one fell swoop. Considering breaking it into 3 $300. payments - so Exodus from savings account doesn't freak me out so much) Bedroom - floor dust-mopped (Dusted last weekend) Laundry - washed Not Done Bedroom - bed not made, some stuff not put away, sheets not washed Guest bedroom - suitcases not put away, bed with freshly laundered sheets not made, not dusted or dust-mopped Writing - unsatisfactory process Laundry – not folded, hung up or put away (but also not crumpled up wrinkling) Guilt to get rid of: Skipping Church Skipping Church council meeting Not answering phone hmmm - maybe not such an unproductive weekend after all? I procrastinated an awful lot. Could have gotten more done. Although I know I spent a lot of time reading blogs – and newspapers – and books, even started watching Lawrence of Arabia, I am feeling ok – because I am rested, heading to bed by 10:30 (1/2 hour past target time) – and did not spend most of my weekend at my favorite “time-black hole” on-line. This is good.

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Woodstock said...

You make me tired just reading this :) But there is something deeply satisfying, isn't there, about getting all those things you've dumped in that pile on the sideboard/corner of the dining room table filed where they should be filed. I have a month to clean the guest room before the guests show up. I don't think it's enough time.