Tuesday, September 25, 2007

October 19-21st

the best Saturday in October, I'm thinkin'

I get a big goofy gin on my face every time I think what's in store.

"Us" would be the lovely group of people coming to visit - and some local friends joining the visiting friends for the Saturday of endless delights. Here's the agenda! Enviro-Scientist and Amazing-Photographer are arriving on Friday. ES via air, AP via pick'em-up truck. Festivities will start Saturday morning (around 8:00 am, maybe earlier, we'll see). ES, AP, and myself are going on an excursion to the Durham Farmer's Market (very small). We might venture on to the Carrboro Farmer's Market We are definitely going to the American Tobacco Historic District to look at the WAY COOL design and reuse of these buildings. (not to mention the water feature). We just might eat lunch in this area. After these excursions, we'll be stopping by the grocery store to round out the supplies for the afternoon/evening. I expect there to be 3 to 4 cooks in my kitchen by 3 o'clock! Appetizers and general gathering of the men not cooking will happen around 6:00 pm. We will eat sometime later. I do not know when. We will eat when the food is ready. We will wait for NO ONE. Do not try and pin down this time. It might be early ... or it might be late. But the food will be amazing. After dinner entertainment: China Slide show - ES Review of Polaroid Portfolio (or anything else he wants to share - AP) Musical review - Mr.Guitar & WineGuy (if he confirms his attendance) (Anyone else who can beg/borrow/steal an instrument is invited to play along) Here's the cast of characters invited, three remain unconfirmed: Amazing-Photographer (I call him CHP, some call him Blue, too) He's a contractor, specializes in Kitchen/Bath remodels. He's the AMAZING photographer who I spent the weekend with in Chinqateague. He lives just outside of Philadelphia. Very much into the outdoors (hunting, camping, kayaking/canoing.) Enviro-Scientist (This man is WICKED SMART. He works with water quality issues. He spent 2 weeks in China in August working with a client on mining water. He's not just an engineer/scientist. He WROTE the program that evaluates the level of bad things in the water - and then determines how much more/less stuff need can/can't be in the water to achieve optimum water quality. He has 2 boys and a wife. They have a lake house somewhere in up-state New York. He is a skilled sailor - and a decent guitarist. MisterGuitar - He is a Computer Systems Admin (blah-blah-blah something). Currently he resides in Kansas City, MO. He's moving back HOME to NC. He is the guy I interviewed for the Guitar piece. Very talented musician - also outdoor guy. Hiking/backpacking - the SERIOUS kind. He has children too. (Akkk! I'm going to be surround by people how have kids! :) The Editor - he moved down here from Madison Wisconsin. He's the writer (and an introvert). He doesn't cook, isn't REALLY an outdoor guy - and is kinda a geek. But a nice geek - and puts up with me and my writing questions/whining .He and AP talk about books all the time. He is dating someone in Arizona, who hopes to move here in June. Dr. Whiny (but is now cheerful, so I need to come up with a new name)- ER Doc, former Lawyer - is fun to be around. Lives here - grew up in Winston-Salem. Is a frequent traveler - and concert attender. Wild-HairGuy! Former Sys Amin, Computer Security at a university. A HUGE foodie - fun, BIG SCI FI fan. In fact, he's the moderator of the Sci-Fi group I pretend to belong to. TheWineGuy!! - Lives in the Maryland area. Big guitar/music fan, also an outdoor, stare at the stars quote poetry type person. Is an awesome cook - works as a wine rep for the high-end labels of a big California vintner. High school age kids. ILikeCars&TeasingMit - A friend from Dayton. He too is very smart - studied to be a Ceramics Engineer at Southern University. He is smart (see, I think really, really smart!), well rounded, big fan of sports, cars, movies and is well read. And he gives me hell on a daily basis - not too many people brave enough to do that!

I'm trying to be low key, but just so you know, NOT SUCCEEDING here on this end.


who's Smitten with each and every one of these men - and going to keep them all to herself! :)

ps: The rest of my life is CRAZY right now. I am sorry for ignoring/neglecting you. I really need to get organized and disciplined. Everyone will be happier (including me) the sooner this is done.

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