Saturday, July 28, 2007

Things I Resisted – (Things I Didn’t)

I am (not) impulsive. I think things carefully through before doing them (most of the time). Like moving to North Carolina (not like moving to Arizona). Like buying my first new car (not like purchasing the TrailBlazer sight unseen, from the dealership, over the phone, without a test drive!) Today I went to listen to Daniel Wallace speak. (an hour and a half before it started I invited Wes to join me) I TOTALLY resisted the urge to buy his book (and feel like crap for doing so) Tomorrow afternoon will be the first meeting of Focus on Fiction the writing critique group I’m trying to organize IRL. (I just popped off in the writing workshop and said, “Why don’t you all come over to my house for wine and cheese!") I went to WholePaychecks on my way home because I knew I needed milk - and amazingly enough their milk is cheaper/equal to the regular grocery store - and cheese for tomorrow. Before entering the store I had a stern lecture with myself. “You can only buy 2 types of cheese and milk. (and maybe some grapes). BUT NOTHING ELSE!!” I walked through the produce isle. No grapes. I stared longingly at the California Figs – mmmm figs and ricotta cheese drizzled with honey! "No, no, no!!! Not on the list and $6.99 a pound???" There were ruby colored raspberries. "NO, NO, NO .. you said “Wine and Cheese” … you do not need to spend another $5.99 per pound!" I also managed to avoid the siren call of the domino-black cherries, the sweet Laguna Beach-memory infused California strawberries, and the locally procured thimble-sized blackberries. Quickly abandoning the produce section I walked past the Fish Market and the seafood salad/soup bar. Hmmm, lunchtime – you could just get some more of that seafood salad "NO! You many not! You have a grilled pork chop at home, roasted peppers and tomatoes waiting to be added to pasta, grilled flank steak, bread, marinated mushrooms, and Peroni Beer. More than enough to put together a lunch!" Escaping that temptation I headed directly toward the cheese section. There was a wonderfully interesting looking aged goats cheese - $8.99 for about 4 oz - which I quickly put down. Because hello? 4 oz. and 13 people … not too realistic. As I stared at the plethora of options my nostrils expanded as the aroma of Parmesan Reggiano was released by the cheese clerk using a cheese chisel to divide a new wheel. After much internal debate I settled on a Ricotta Salata (sheep’s milk) and Cahill’s Cheddar Porter (cow’s milk and beer). I mean, isn’t this gorgeous? And it should be great with the Cueso Pata de Cabra (aged goats cheese) that remained from an earlier purchase. I swung through the dairy section – grabbed the milk and began to congratulate myself on my willpower. Until I passed the olive bar. (Well, maybe a few olives for lunch) – to go with the Peroni Beer and the Italian baguette at home. I succumbed and scooped up a spoonful of oil cured, herb infused black olives. (and some garbanzo-bean sized mozzarella balls marinated with olive oil, red-peppers, chili flakes, parsley, and other seasoning.) Trying to walk purposely towards the cash register I slowed at the “ready-to-go” section. I hefted a one-pound container of Spanish 7-layer dip – considered the $6.00 price tag … and put it down. Then I peeked at the humus selection. “Remember, you promised WINE and CHEESE … that is all,” and quickly backed away from the refrigerator case. Temping me with no remorse were some 365 tortilla chips … I still had nectarine salsa at home, maybe I should buy some??? I tasted one – and it was stale. Whew, that was a close call. But crackers? What did I actually have at the house??? I know I have at least 2 different unopened packages … (only $1.49 for pepper-cracked water crackers??) …in they went! Achieving the checkout line I began to congratulate myself … olives, mini-mozzarella cheese-balls, and crackers … 3 things not on the list, not bad. Then I realized the lady in front of me had a shit-pile of stuff. It didn’t matter that she was next in line – it would take forever for them to check her out. So I moved lines … and ended up in front of the display for North Coast Brewing (Northern California) for Brother Thelonious Belgian Style Abby Ale. I love jazz and “the Monk” almost as much as I love food - fine food, that is. Sitting at home is another bottle of Quel que Chose Cherry Ale… (Wouldn’t that be fun to serve tomorrow? Plus, they’ll donate $1.00 from every bottle sold to the Thelonious Monk Institute.) I slipped it into the basket. I sure hope the writers fall in love with it and with me tomorrow! Now – I am off to clean (WHY DON’T THINGS STAY CLEAN???), write … August 1st deadlines for some programs/grants I’m applying for to finance my writing, wash, fold, and hang laundry (why does laundry take so long???), and maybe slip in a nap. Bye!

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