Saturday, July 21, 2007

I returned

apparently my luggage decided it wasn't ready to come home. I have been in an airport since 3:00 Friday afternoon. I walked in my house 5 minutes ago. It is now 1:10 EST. I could have driven from Mobile, AL to here in less time, been more relaxed, and ended up with more luggage. Okay - here's what I'm thankful for: I keep my car keys and house keys separate. Thankfully my house keys were in my CAR and not my luggage. I left my car under covered parking and asked for it to be washed and the oil changed. This meant the parking place had my car keys. So I am thankful I had keys to drive home with - and keys to get into my house with. The airport will deliver my luggage once (if) it shows up. Tomorrow is Saturday - I can sleep, and have no social engagements until 5:30 pm. I am going to bed, in my own bed. You all are lovely people. Edit: I slept 'till 10 am, when the airport called to say my luggage would be here sometime "today" - not "in-the-morning" like they said last night. My luggage finally showed up at 3:00 pm. I went to Whole Foods to grab some stuff for lunch. Aren't you hungry now? Brut Spanish Proseco Crusty French Bread Queso Pata de Cabra (hard, aged goat's cheese) Seafood Salad (crab (real crab), scrimp, green onions, cucumbers, fresh basil, with just a touch of lemon and mayonnaise) Italian marinated mushrooms Basil/Pinenut Pesto Ahhh, this is life!

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Joe said...

I hope you ate your lunch outside: it's gorgeous today -- not too hot for a change.

Are you going to be here this Wednesday? I thought you were going to be gone this coming week.