Monday, June 18, 2007

Le Salon de MitMoi IV: Beer List

A salon is a gathering of stimulating people of quality under the roof of an inspiring hostess, partly to amuse one another and partly to refine their taste and increase their knowledge through conversation and readings.

Selected Beers for the interactive tasting:

  • Hefeweizen:
  • Franziskaner
  • Weizenbock:
  • Aventinus
    Irish Stout
  • Dry:
  • Guinness
    American Ale
  • IPA:
  • Harpoon IPA
    Belgian Ale
  • Belgian Strong Ale:
  • Duvel
    Please join MitMoi and Frreenie

    Thursday, June 21, 2007 2:00 pm EST/18:00 BST*

    What makes a good beer?

    How is a good beer made?

    Amuses-bouche and serving suggestions to complement these beers will also be included

    Le Salon de MitMoi: IV Beer

    Thursday, June 21, 2007 2:00 pm EST/18:00 BST*

    *In an effort to be more accessible to our UK friends we're opening this post earlier than normal. The OP and guest will try to be here as much as possible.

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