Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong

What's the quote, "The best laid plans of mice and men?" It started last night when I messed up my wireless internet at home. Then messed around 1/2 of today (a vacation day) trying to get that sorted out and get ready to leave tomorrow morning for Virgina. I arrive here at the office this afternoon - only to find out my appointment for tomorrow in Virgina has CANCELED. That's right .... NO APPOINTMENT. Thankfully, I can still re-arrange things to make some of it still works out. (code for still meet Blue.) I am now working all day tomorrow here in my office. I'll pick up the rental car tomorrow night - instead of tonight. Friday I will leave here and drive north (very early), as my client meeting is at 8:15 am. Schedule for Friday afternoon and Saturday remain in tact. I will still drive home Saturday afternoon so I can cook/serve the Confirmation Lunch on Sunday. Then MONDAY night I will pick up ANOTHER rental car and DRIVE BACK TO VA to meet with the canceling client on Tuesday. I guess I should be happy - but I really wish ... that this hadn't all changed at the last moment. Or that I didn't need to be back here on Sunday (although I do have to be in the office on Monday, no matter what - SO ...) Roll with the punches, right? Roll, roll, roll. Calm, calm, calm. Deep breath. Deep breath. Find the quiet spot. (pick up a bottle of wine) Okay - off to the church to cook now! See you all later tonight ... and obviously tomorrow.

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