Monday, April 23, 2007

Home, Unpack, Wash, Pack, Leave

Yesterday I drove 180 miles from Sunset Beach back home.

I unpacked, washed my laundry, talked to someone (longer than I should have) – and went to bed later than I should have – AND wasn’t packed for my trip today.

This morning I woke up at 5:00 am. I finished packing, ate breakfast, washed dishes and drove 180 miles south/west to Charlotte, North Carolina. On the way there the rental car occasionally made bad noises. *sigh*

At the airport, I picked up my coworker, filled the car with gas, EXCHANGED the car for something that wasn’t squealing like the fan belt was going to break every time I drove over 70 mph – and we were on our way and LATE for our fist appointment.

From Charlotte we went to Gastonia, NC. From Gastonia to Greer, SC – then onto Orangeburg, SC.

Total mileage for today 470 miles.

Total mileage in the last 24 hours, 649 miles.

Tonight we’re at a Jamison Inn – beds with swales and a wireless internet connection that times out every 2 minutes. *reminds self how much I love traveling*

Tomorrow we visit customers in the following towns. (Be sure to grab your magnifying glass before looking them up!)

North, South Carolina Cope Cameron Manning

Wednesday we will be covering:

Lake City Darlington Lake City (don' ask) Bishopville

I’ll leave Thursday and Friday’s schedule unannounced. You know … to give YOU something to look forward to! (HA)

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Talla Palla said...

How do you do it ??? Get up that early, drive that many miles, and stay awake ??? You must have gasoline in your veins !TP