Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Question of Existance on OKC!

Do you believe in dinosaurs?

  • Yes

  • No

Ensuing discussion:

That is an excellent match question. If someone answers it no, I don't want anything to do with them. – MissNDesmond

What is a dinosaur? - Faegirl

This made me think of the human extinction question. Lo and behold, it's right beneath this post! I agree with MND about this question. – WildforFun

No, you're all reading it wrong. It's asking if you believe dinosaurs have a chance of achieving their dinosaur dreams or if they're doomed to a life of prehistoric setbacks. You know. Do you believe in dinosaurs? – MidDayCrisis

*clicks heels* "I believe, I believe". Oh, that was supposed to be, "I believe there's no place like home", huh? Dang! – Moi

Yeah but lots of information on them is wrong. They died when God flooded the earth not 50 billion years ago like some people say. – Faegirl (being facetious)

They died before the Big Bang? – Erdos0

Big bang = dinosaurs humping. – StupidSite

No such thing as the big bang. . – Faegirl

Oh, and the dinosaurs really died because they conspired with the Jews to kill Jesus. Get your facts straight, Missy. – StupidSite

As you can see, there were many answers … but this is the BEST!

“God got rid of them because he got a little bit older and came out of the playing with dinos phase. He is currently in the barbie phase. One day he or she will get rid of us too, go to god college and meet the god of his or her dreams to marry and have little gods with.”

Which led to this from Moi:

Meanine gets the prize! *wipes scotch from screen*

"God and the dino-playing phase".

You know I'll have to use this at church tomorrow, right? *rubs hands with glee and starts planning the ways to introduce the topic*

Oh, they're gonna hate me tomorrow! I'll keep you posted on the outcome :)


Anonymous said...

Every time I see "OKC", I think to myself, "Finger-lickin' good!"

TP said...

OKC - as in Oklahoma City ??? *O* TP