Thursday, March 15, 2007

Just like a dog

Damn! damn! damn! I hate the mailman.

Apparently not only is it an intellectual hurdle to understand the “big white box on a pole” next to the driveway with my address on it is my mailbox for receiving the stuff s/he delivers, apparently s/he also doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of picking up the mail, so it can go somewhere else!

So what did I find in the bottom of my mailbox tonight? Oh yes, the envelope for the $2,000+ expense check that should be on its way to the bank in California. It’s bad enough they persist in trying to shove my oversized magazines in the door slot on my house (which is 5 yards and 5 brick steps further than the mailbox on the driveway), but would it be too much trouble to do BOTH parts of the job?

Next rant will be about the phone company (land lines), and my cell phone.

1 comment:

Woodstock said...

Could be least you aren't finding your neighbors' outgoing letters on your front walk after your letter carrier leaves. :\