Sunday, March 18, 2007

It's Like I'm Set Up for Failure Every Week

I was very bad in church today. :( (Actually - I'm usually poorly behaved in church, but I try to contain it.)

Today the Hand-Bell Choir performed several pieces. In one piece they picked up these things - that weren't bell shaped - and swear to God - I thought they'd all picked up STAPLERS. In reality they were "chimes". Unfortunately my brain was stuck with the image of STAPLERS ... people swinging STAPLERS in unison ... and so, because I'm Moi I had to share with my neighbor ... and we got the giggles. And.Couldn't.Stop.

Then I started day-dreaming about work during the sermon.... and what if we all had those STAPLERS???? I can just see everyone out in the office swinging their STAPLERS ... and sitting in my office - trying to have a meeting or talking to a client on the phone and having the cacophony of STAPLERS going off. Of course ... that led to EVEN MORE giggling. :(

At the end of church, when the minister shakes everyones hand???? He asked (in a joking voice, 'cause he's required to love me), "Care to tell me what's so funny about the older brother of the Prodigal Son and why you were laughing all through the sermon? Let me smell the coffee in your cup!" Of course - all I could do was laugh and tears started to come out of my eyes ... as I mumbled the word STAPLER. I hope they NEVER use those things again. I will be DOOMED!


Anonymous said...

I remember one Christmas Eve when my daughter, and her equally tipsy friend, and I, went to C.E. services; They two sat and giggled most of the hour ! *o* ??? How ruuuuuuuude of you ! Better go apologize to that poor minister, so he doesn't think you were laughing at him the whole hour.

Talla Paula

Mit_Moi said...

"I" was NOT tipsy - but agree my friend was ... and how about the fly fisherman in front of us who started the night off with his jokes? I think it's all HIS fault.

I H8 24 said...

I bet they won't EVER ask you to join the "STAPLE CHOIR"!! I'll be listening in the background next time they tell me you're on another line. I'm gonna say, "I bet she's really practicing the Stapler!!" Maybe you could just sing and be one of the Staple Sisters!!!

Mit_Moi said...

I h8 24, .... I bet you're right :( You are too funny - one of the Staple Sisters he-hehe.

I can't believe Frick and Frack are 20! They're "so precious". :)

I H8 24 said...

And sweet too, and so cute!!!