Wednesday, March 21, 2007

3 Quick Notes and 1 Game!

– Note One –

Last night I was hired to cater another event. It will be an afternoon cocktail party. The company hosting the even is one of the world's leading commercial real estate services firms, with offices in more than 100 domestic markets alone!

I am really excited about this opportunity. It came my way because the President (and his wife) of the local branch know me well. Last night when we sat down for the planning meeting she reminded me that I should be sure and have some business cards available as there would be people interested in hiring me!

Later I’ll show you the menu. I’m really excited about that too!

– Now a game –

What do you think would be a great name for a catering company? It’s fine if it has MitMoi in the title (or not) – it can sound “foreign”, maybe a play on words? but no “slap-stick” comedy names. (Like Madcap Madness Catering ISN’T an option.

– Note Two –

I had my boobs squished this morning. On purpose. By a professional, a medical professional. They have new equipment – digital imaging. It didn’t hurt – AT ALL! Yea for improved technology.

– Note Three –

One of my co-workers is no longer a co-worker. I have no details – but the good news for me is I’ll pick up all of her training and traveling responsibilities! Yippy for me! I was really getting worried about not being on the road so much this year. Now I can hopefully say, look or Louisiana and Mississippi, I get to see you after all.


Anonymous said...

This really isn't my favorite way to communicate, but ---guess hungry dogs will eat anything. *o*

Congratulations and good luck on the catering job. Get those business cards printed up in a hurry! However, remember, there's no benefits with this kind of work, for full time employment! *~*

Good luck on your test - the last time I had mine done, it still hurt like hell !!!!

Was beginning to wonder if your travels had been cut way back. Which office was the employee from ?

Gotta go girl - bye TP

Anonymous said...

MitMoi's Magnificent Munchies?

Anonymous said...

de moi à vous


Mit_Moi said...

I like that very much Aaron Dock ... thank you!