Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Silliness of Work

This afternoon we're having a programming meeting to prioritize bugs and requests in one of our packages. We have a tracking program - and the program allows us to assess priority.
  • Immediate
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low.

    What it doesn't have is a reporting feature. So "I" am the reporting feature. I go into each call, cut and past into word. (Yes, I know - technology company - cumbersome process - it's best if you just deal and not rail against the system ... so they tell me.)

    Imagine the humor I know see as I'm creating this list and grouping things.

  • Immediate Bugs
  • Immediate Requests

    okay, nothing too funny there ... next is:

  • High Bugs
  • High Requests


  • Medium Bugs
  • Medium Requests
  • *giggle* No, I'd like my requests rare please!

  • Low Bugs
  • Low Requests

    *gauff* *giggle* *snort*

  • "Low Bugs" - are they attitudinal challenged? What's the ceiling for them? "Low Requests" - Can you make the damn thing work? Do you think you can fix something without breaking something else? How long could it possibly take you to correct this?

    Anyway - just thought I'd share.

    High Bugs! - Ha! I'm still giggling.

    Maybe I'll use this as graffiti! You've had too many "High Bugs" today young lady/sir, repent and your life will improve! - LOL

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