Friday, January 05, 2007

Pack Your Bags!

So here I am, driving home from work on a Friday night. Thinking I'll go to the bookstore and listen to Lalita Tadmey talk about her new book "Red River". I loved her other one, Cane River, because it takes place in a lot of the Louisiana I spend time in ... but then my phone rang! I just got a last minute invite to the OBX (Nags Head and KDH to be specific)! Wanna come along? It’s going to be perfect beach weather! We’re gonna go fishing! There’ll be drinking! (uhhh, if your part of the alcohol police, it’s just unsweet tea, I promise!) We’ll be back in time for dinner with Wesley and Sweet on Sunday, so if you’re going, go get packed. I’m leaving in 20 minutes. 19 minutes … what ya waiting for? 18 minutes more and the TrailBlazer is beach bound! 17 minutes … don’t keep me waiting!

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