Monday, November 06, 2006

Reading, Writing, Responding - AND Life too?

It seems writing and responding are overtaking my life these days. (Thanks NaBloPoMo ... we coudn't have done this for just 5 or 10 days?) I’ve been content to sit at home on my couch or in my bed, spinning yarns and responding to kind, interesting, thought provoking e-mails and responses.

Tonight I had several topics lined up. Then life intruded. A friend is determined to “widen” my social circle. I’m not too appreciative, as I think I have a wide enough social circle, and a very busy social life when I’m in town, thank-you-very-much. His contention is I don’t do “enough things with men”. (Because obviously all the men I work with, and the men in my reading group, and the men in the coffee group, and the men in my Sunday School class don’t count.) I counter by pointing out he’s the one who wants to start a social life and jump into the dating waters again – and is merely dragging me along to hold his hand.

Therefore tonight I am going to some hoity-toity bar, with a lot of superficial people, who I could care less about to mingle and find out they could care less about me too. (Aren’t you envious? Don’t you wish you were coming along too?) *pat, pat, pat on my back for bein such a great friend*

The advertised purpose of this get together is a beer tasting. This is good. I am easily bribed with alcohol. I like beer. Maybe it will make the superfluous people of the real world as interesting as the ethereal people I meet on the net.

I will report back. In the meantime, think kind wishes for me, ‘kay?

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