Sunday, November 12, 2006

In which she resists the evil gods of Perfection and Procrastination (for a few hours)

Last week was a busy week. On Monday I drank beer with Dr. Whiney. Tuesday I sat in my circle and discussed journaling. Wednesday, the only night to myself, I cooked, followed by Thursday night’s Media presentation meeting, ending the week on Friday by preparing birthday dinner for a friend.

For a few moments on Thursday I entertained the possibility of being “sick” during the day, in order to present a spotless house and five course meal for Friday’s “Birthday Extravaganza”. The mighty gods of Perfectionism and Procrastination waged a bitter battle – each sitting on my shoulder, whispering words of seduction and failure. The temptation of Procrastination was irresistible – leading to last minute shopping for groceries, trimming dinner to a 2 course meal, consumed in a neat, but not sparking clean house.

The Perfection deity was defeated I exalted! Now to delay dilly-dallying on Saturday, I swore. Up early I would be; laundering the linens, dusting the domicile, arranging the attic, and tidying the tile, so I might relax and enjoy the Sunday evening gorging of the gang.

Alas that was my plan, believing Procrastination had breathed it’s last breath. It’s insidious ways conquered. With it’s wily ways it wiggled into my repast, rendering me prostrate upon the bed of Saturday. Just a few more hours of sleep it supplicated. One more web page to browse it begged, one final paragraph to proofread it pleaded. I was vanquished in the war of Procrastination.

I knelt at the alter Sunday after church. A filial oath I swore, to render Procrastination and Perfection, those gods of discontent and poor esteem, trounced for the day.

The gang would arrive, the kitchen floor shinning and clean. But what is this here on the dresser? A light dusting of dirt? Turn and look the other way I commanded myself. The dust mop called in dismay, “Use me on quick sweep – it’s all that’s needed to banish the motes”. With superhuman strength I ignored the heard of bunnies gathering under the guest bed. I will not remove you, my guest cannot see you I chanted.

And so it came to pass. Dinner was done, my guests did dine, I had disregarded the dementia, one task at time. Resisting those evil twins, one day down, 364 to go.

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Keetha said...

Whoa! How the heck do you know where Hard Cash is?? Are you a Humphreys County native?? (Biting my tongue to stop with the "small world" cliche.) But wow.