Monday, October 30, 2006

Don’t mind me …

... curled up here in this fetal position

Isn’t it funny (and I don’t mean Ha, Ha, funny) how things can change from one outlook to another so quickly?

A year ago, my income was decreased by 25%. Luckily I was living well below my salary. With a few adjustments here and there I’ve been able to get buy without decimating my savings account.

In September, I thought I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I knew that by January my car would be paid off, and I would have a sizeable monthly chunk of money available to …. Pay down the principle on my mortgage or dump into an investment account. Perhaps even reinstate a cleaning service. Maybe I could squeeze some money for “personal entertainment”. You know, extravagant things like eating lunch or dinner out once or twice a month – or buying some long needed basic wardrobe items.

The picture looked even brighter last Thursday after my annual review. My salary was increased … restoring 1% of the 25% reduction. Not much, but I try to be appreciative of the good things which come my way.

Then I had that pesky flat tire yesterday. Today on my lunch hour I swung by the tire place to have the flat fixed. (Because for once the nail was in the tread and not the sidewall.) Unfortunately, when the guy looked at my tire, he looked at the other 3 tires … and dared to say the unmentionable. LOW TREAD.

I had to acknowledge something I’d been noticing for the last month or so. I was pretty sure that Lincoln’s head wouldn’t (or just barely) touch the top of the tread. (Guess who took auto-shop in High School?)

Did you hear my stomach drop to the bottom of my feet about 1:30 pm EST? It’s amazing what an unexpended $700.00 expenditure can do to you physically.

So now … I’m just going to curl up here in the corner and wish I were a little kid again.


Anonymous said...

*Sigh!* I sympathize! -Alacrityfitz

Joe said...

The last time I bought tires, they were hot-shit $800.00/4 for the '02 Mustang. They were great, until 800 miles later when I wrecked the car. :(