Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Brain Blender

Would you like to crawl into someone else’s mind? I would. Not to learn their secrete thoughts, but to figure out if their thought patterns are similar to my own. In fact, I think that’s one of the reason why I’m drawn to reading novels and biographies. I’m dying to know if the characters or individual “process” thoughts like I do. “How did they control their thoughts?”, “Does everyone’s mind work like mine?” and maybe the most important question, “How can they think that way?”

This morning several thoughts popped into my brain (that I’m willing to share). “Great, the “Big Boss” is in town, I wonder what’s going to happen this time?”. “Gee, tomorrow’s garbage day … and I have company coming for dinner, and if I use that canned soup in the recipe, my recycle bin and trash can in the kitchen will be empty and the soup can will be obvious when I throw it away in there – what will they think?” Followed by, “How picked up does the house really have to be?” Which led to, “You know, MitMoi, if you hadn’t procrastinated for the last three nights, cooking instead of cleaning and doing laundry, you wouldn’t be in this position, would you?”

More and more thoughts crowed my brain. I speculated on how much I could get down in the AM and if I’d really come home and do anything that night – or procrastinate further – so I turn into a whirling dervish Thursday morning. Then I wondered how much cleaning/preparation is necessary versus how much I want done before the company shows up. Closely followed by how stressed out I’ll be by not getting it ALL done versus how stressed out I’ll be TRYING to get it all done … and “How am I going to get the soup cooked, the table set and be relaxed when I don’t get off work until 5:30, it’s a ½ hour drive home … and the guests will arrive at 6:30 pm!” YIKES.

Which is when I came up with the concept of the “Brain Blender”. It’s like one little thought is dumped into the blender jar, and as I process it, it leads to a chain of other thoughts … and then those thoughts whirl around and around in my cranium – transforming themselves into smaller and smaller thoughts. Which in turn generate plans, more thoughts, the formulation of Plan A, the discarding of plan A, development of Plan B, the re-visitation of Plan A – which morphs into Plan C … and Aggghhhhhhhhh!

I try telling myself … “don’t worry about it, worrying isn’t going to solve anything, stop thinking about it, you’ll tire yourself out before you even get to work.” “Oh yeah work. The big boss is in town today, I wonder what he wants?”

It’s a wonder I don’t have “mush of thoughts” running out of my ears by the time I make it into my office!

What about you?

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Joe said...

Hey, you're about to miss Thursday. Just thought I'd remind you. ;) As for me, I have an excuse.