Monday, February 11, 2008


Electrons suck ... when they don't work.

I got off the phone last night about 9:45pm with a friend who called to check on me. Shortly after, as I was on my way to bed, the electric company called. He said since my electricity was on, everything must be ok, right? I told him that lines on the ground did not seem "alright" to me. He immediately agreed, and said he'd be "right there", although he was on the other side of town.

The guy showed up at 10:30. He determined the house service is also down, not just the line from the street to the house. He was going to "temporarily fix it" for me, but when he started cutting into the line, he realized that even my "neutral" wire was gone. Something about I had two 220 lines, but only a crumbling neutral wire, and so he could not even do a "temp." fix.

He also something about everything being fried that shouldn't be using 440, which translates into any appliance except the heater/air conditioning, oven, and washer dryer. I am just ignoring this part for the moment because I can only concentrate on one financial crisis at a time.

SO - I have no electricity. I called Dr. Esq last night at 11:40 and went to his house to spend the night. This morning I called an electrician. He will have an estimate of damages for me sometime before noon. (45 minutes from now). After/if/when he gets done, the city of Raleigh has to inspect THEN Progress Energy can come back out and restart my service. I have no idea how much this is going to cost.

I just hung up with my yard maintenance guy. Tree removal is going to be $200.00. There is a black yawning pit in my stomach. Something keeps interfering with my vision, and my cheeks seem to be moist.

I keep trying to focus on the pro(tons). I had one or two before the tree guy called. Now I can't think of any.

I'll keep you posted.

As I have access to phones/computers, I will keep you posted.


Christopher Paquette said...

everything will work out...... good vibes your way.

Anonymous said...

A good bottle of Vodka could make the time pass faster!!!